Spring: Are Spiders Coming Home? Here’s how to hunt them naturally

by Jessica Meurens

Spiders are starting to enter your home and settle there comfortably? Even if we tend to be rather afraid of them, those found here are generally not dangerous. But, if you don’t want to come across them at home, there are some natural tricks that will scare them away.

If you are part of the big family of arachnophobes, you have surely already happened to let out a huge cry when you come across one of these little (or not so little) eight-legged beasts in your house. Although they are harmless, it is stronger than us: we tend to hate them and to be afraid of them.

However, spiders are much more useful than harmful… Indeed, they can easily get rid of the many insects that become embedded in your interior. Moreover, spiders are much more afraid of us than the other way around. “It’s not the little beast that will eat the big one”, as they say!

And, as these little beasts are actually not even interested in humans, there is no risk with them! But it’s true that they seem rather repulsive and that we don’t particularly want to come across them when we jump out of bed… They give us more shivers of disgust than real fear.

Besides, when you find yourself in front of a spider, you probably just want to crush it. But that’s not the best thing to do. As we said: they are much more useful than harmful to your home. Suddenly, the more adventurous may dare simply take them to put them back outside, but for others, there are some natural tricks that will keep these little beasts outside.

Here’s how to keep spiders away from your home

  • White vinegar: white vinegar can be used for many everyday things. And this is also the case to keep spiders away! Simply dilute white vinegar with water before inserting this mixture into a spray bottle. Then spray it in places in the house where spiders can enter.
  • Chestnuts : collect chestnuts with their bugs and place them at entrances and on your windowsills to prevent spiders from entering your home.
  • Mint : spiders don’t like the smell of mint at all. Do not hesitate to place mint leaves in places where they could enter your house. You can also mix warm water with 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and spray it on these spots.
  • Lavender: lavender is an excellent spider repellent. Place a few sprigs or a few drops of lavender essential oil where spiders are likely to enter your home. Thus, disturbed by the smell, the spiders will no longer enter your home.
  • Tomato leaves: spiders hate tomato leaves. Simply place them where they can enter your home to turn them back.
  • Tea tree oil: simply pour a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and place it in a corner of your entrance.
  • Orange or lemon peels: recycle your peels of oranges, tangerines or lemons by placing them in places where spiders can enter. You can also peel them into streamers and place them at your windows.
  • Cinnamon: its scent will scare away spiders. As they hate this smell, anything that smells of cinnamon can scare them away, whether candles or straight cinnamon powder.
  • Cedar chips: place cedar chips in all access points or in areas where you have spiders to repel them quickly. To make it simpler, simply place cedar chips around your house and in your garden.
  • The Alum Stone : Dilute 50 grams of alum powder in 500 ml of lukewarm water before pouring the mixture into a spray bottle. Then spray it where spiders tend to enter.

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