Sunny recipes for a kitchen full of color this summer

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and on the stalls, vegetables from the sun and juicy fruits have made a comeback. The opportunity to rediscover recipes and fill up on inspiration, from the dinner aperitif to the barbecue, through seasonal pies.

It’s summer, and with the heat, our only desires that invite themselves to the table are summer recipes, light and always in season (of course). A cuisine full of sunshine, which can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, but above all, which is easy to prepare. No fear, with the beautiful products that the season offers us, very few gestures are necessary to sublimate all their qualities. The proof with this gourmet pressed Provencal vegetables. So we stroll through the markets and take advantage of it by giving pride of place to tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, red fruits and nectarines, whether for a picnic, a barbecue or an aperitif dinner. It’s your turn.

The dinner aperitif in all its forms

You invite your friends to dinner, but do not want to spend your evening in the kitchen? The dinner aperitif is the ideal solution. We take the opportunity to prepare Spanish tortilla with raw ham, bites of small peppers with tuna and capers, kebbé with meat or even cake with feta and spinach.

Our best recipes for a summer dinner aperitif

The great return of the barbecue

BBQ season is on! Synonymous with mild, long summer evenings, traditional chipolatas and merguez sausages are traded in for original, seasonal recipes. This year, put seafood in the spotlight: sea bream dressed in leeks, skewers of prawns grilled in the tandoori, or fillet of barracuda en papillote are to be cooked on the grill. As for meat, fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs go perfectly with beef, chicken and lamb with a variety of homemade skewers that will accompany you all summer long. Without forgetting the vegetarians (because barbecue does not necessarily rhyme with meat), who will be able to taste potatoes en papillote, skewers of vegetables and halloumi, or even grilled vegetables with spices. All you have to do is light the fire!

Mishmash of mixed salads

Simple, gourmet and refreshing, to fill up on energy, the mixed salad is available from every angle. Poke bowl, quinoa salad, pasta or rice, we appreciate it at picnics, buffets or simply at dinner. All you have to do is choose which one.

Our best mixed salad recipes

On a loop this summer: the picnic

By the sea, in the mountains or in the forest: any occasion is good to organize a picnic this summer. Sandwiches, salads, cakes, bites, pies and terrines are to be put in your basket, and for the rest, all you have to do is enjoy.

Our best recipes for a summer picnic

Tart: the parade of seasonal fruits

With their appetizing color palette, summer fruits have everything to attract us. In a pie, nicely presented on a puff pastry or on a well buttered shortcrust pastry, they are the subject of a thousand and one possibilities. So let your imagination run wild, there are no rules: association of fruits as with this fine nectarine and strawberry tart, cooking in tatin, or in cute tartlets of strawberries, figs, or currants. It’s up to you to add fresh herbs, play with flavors and cooking methods. Enjoy your lunch !


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