SUNU Assurance Burkina: Journalists trained on the principles and basics of insurance

At the end of the exchanges between the members of the company SUNU Assurance and the owners of the press, which exchange had concluded with a consensus according to which the two parties would work together so that the populations adhere to the insurance products, it was organized July 29 to 30, 2022 in Koudougou, in Boulkiemdé province, Center-West region, training on the principles and basics of insurance for the benefit of journalists.

The purpose of this workshop was to succinctly present to journalists the ins and outs of insurance so that they constitute an important relay of information for the public hitherto resistant to the idea of ​​taking out insurance.

“The journalist is a traveler who crosses borders without a passport”. This quote from Malian journalist Hamidou Saye sums up the journalist’s ability to reach as many people as possible through the information he transmits.

Aware of the strong impact of this actor in society, SUNU Assurance has, as part of its activities, organized training for journalists on the principles and basics of insurance so that, through them, the confidence that have the insured in their insurers and that those who have not yet identified the merits, can finally take the first step.

The first day of training focused on the apprehension that we have of insurance companies in general. Indeed, the layman’s conception of the matter is that “these institutions are crooks”. And most of the journalists present for the training, without having ever dealt with an insurance company, believed in it blindly. The interview between SUNU Assurance vie trainers and journalists, headed by General Manager Jean François Kambou, made it possible to deconstruct stereotypes in this area and to introduce journalists to some key concepts in the field, namely “the insurance, risk, life and non-life insurance, etc. »

In addition, it was a question for the two parties to discuss insurance in Burkina Faso and the undeniable impact that this industry can bring to the economic influence of Burkina if the populations adhere strongly to it.

The second day of training was mainly devoted to practical sessions. Journalists were divided into working groups and proposals for the promotion of insurance companies were produced.

JFK wanted this training to be the starting point for anchoring insurance

From this cocktail of proposals put forward by each other, the idea of ​​creating the Press-Insurance Club sprang up. The mission of this new association is to bring together as many journalists as possible who will work together to form a strong community of ideas and suggestions for the promotion of insurance in Burkina Faso.

On the spot, the members of the executive office were elected and it is Seydou Belemou, journalist at radio Pulsar, who chairs the club. Aware that he is in charge of revealing the club to the general public and working to increase the number of policyholders in a context where insurance companies are considered anything but angels, the new president says he is ready to meet the challenges that will present themselves to him and his entire team. “With the support of our colleagues, we will try to bring together the ideas necessary for the operation of this club. But above all, we will make every effort to regularize things in order to be legally recognized. After that, concrete actions will be taken with the collaboration of insurance companies,” he said.

The president of the Insurance Press Club Seydou Belemou promises to take up this new challenge with the support of his collaborators

At the end of the training, each journalist commented on the course of the workshop. In general, satisfaction ratings were retained. Mahamadi Sebgo, journalist at Sidwaya hoped that “this type of training would be repeated to allow journalists to have a little clearer knowledge on the issue in order to properly orient the angle of information processing”.

The general manager of SUNU Assurance vie, Jean François Kambou thanked the journalists for the enthusiasm shown during these two days of immersion. He also called for the anchoring of the insurance culture in Burkina Faso, through this training which has been completed. “Our goal is not for you to advertise SUNU Assurance vie, but the greatest gratitude you can express to my collaborators and me is to contribute your stone to the awareness and better understanding of this system. of risk and provident management that is insurance to populations”, he underlined.

While hoping that the populations will trust insurance companies even more with the creation of the Press-insurance Club, he promises to spare no effort so that the objectives set are achieved in the near future.

Erwan Compaore

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