SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso: journalists trained in the insurance business

A view of journalists during the SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso training workshop

SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso organized on July 29 and 30, 2022, in Koudougou, a training workshop for journalists on the principles and basics of insurance in order to raise awareness of this profession and the services it offers.

As part of its program of activities, SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina has initiated training for media personnel on the insurance profession. This 48-hour workshop took place in Koudougou in the Center-West, and had as its theme “the principles and bases of insurance”.

The main purpose of this activity was to bring journalists to work for more visibility in the insurance sector by popularizing the services offered by them. Because, as the general manager of the company, Jean François Kambou, pointed out, “the great masses have not understood the ins and outs of insurance services”. “If you contribute to this awareness, the general objective will be achieved”, he addressed the men of the press, beneficiaries of this training. He told them that their job “is not to advertise SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso, but to publicize insurance in general”.

The Director General of SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso, Jean François Kambou exchanged with the media during the training workshop in Koudougou

The training, which took place over two days, offered a real framework for exchanges between the twenty journalists present at the activity and the staff of the insurance company who had mobilized with the CEO affectionately called ” JFK”, in the lead for the success of this workshop.

Through two presentations and practical exercise sessions, media personnel were educated on the principles and basics of insurance. The trainers defined key terms such as the life insurance contract, which is fixed and non-compensatory, consensual, random, in good faith, membership and onerous. The parties involved in this contract are the insurer (the insurance company), the subscriber, the insured and the beneficiary.

During this workshop, it repeatedly emerged that the majority of customers do not read insurance contracts deeply, DG Kambou noting that more than 80% do not do so. He urged journalists to help insurance companies instil this culture of reading contracts among customers. Very open throughout these training sessions, JFK confided that in life insurance, the biggest problem generally encountered is at the level of the designation of beneficiaries in the insurance contract, which is not far from a will.

The trainer Boureima Salouka spoke to the media on the treatment of information on insurance

In the second presentation by journalist and teacher-researcher Boureima Salouka, possible solutions were offered to participants on how to better process information related to the field of insurance. The biggest challenge for journalists, according to the communicator, “is to talk about insurance beyond the figures”. To do this, they must “humanize” the narrative, their job being to “make simple what is complicated”.

At the end of the training, the floor was given to the participants who all appreciated and expressed their satisfaction with the initiative of SUNU Assurance Vie Burkina Faso, which allowed them to deconstruct the apprehensions they had about the profession of insurance.

On the occasion of this training, the club of journalists insurers was created with the aim of constituting a framework to better speak about insurances which have a non-negligible contributory part in the national economy of Burkina Faso.

By Siaka CISSE (Trainee)

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