Sunu Assurances equips journalists with the culture of insurance

The insurance and reinsurance company Sunu Assurances organized from July 29 to 30, 2022, training for Burkinabè journalists in Koudougou in the city of the red rider. The objective was to instill in them some principles and basics of insurance.

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The SUNU insurance and reinsurance company, in order to demystify the world of insurance, brought together the men and women of the media for 48 hours in the city of the red rider.

Train the employees of press bosses on what we know how to do better, we, insurers, are in line with your vision and our commitment to play our part for a better anchoring of the insurance culture in our country”, explained Jean François Kambou, CEO of Sunu Assurances.

Jean François Kambou, CEO of Sunu Assurances

During the first 24 hours, it was the managers of SUNU assurance Burkina, Niger, Senegal and Guinea who spoke with the men and women of the media. They returned to the genesis of their structure. But first, they explained the generalities of insurance, then they made a presentation of the life insurance solutions that SUNU offers.

In their presentation, it emerged that the Sunu group was created in 1998 by Pathé Dione with his former collaborators. ” It is present in 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa through 26 insurance companies, a bank and other affiliated companies. The Sunu group is divided into two companies which are Sunu assurance vie Burkina Faso and Sunu Assurances IARD Burkina Faso. Sunu Assurances supports companies, individuals and also offers solutions to facilitate transactions with banks, MFIs, mobile money, etc. “, they explained.

It offers services such as mobile insurance, supplementary pension insurance, group provident insurance, education, retirement, provident provision…products that allow Sunu Assurances to have advantages over its competitors. “, they added in addition, ensuring that at home, the customer is at the center of everything thanks to their capacity for innovation to constantly dare, change and renew themselves.

Risk management is at the heart of insurance

The first day ended with a communication on insurance risk management. Indeed, it emerged that two types of insurance exist. On the one hand, there is non-life insurance or damage insurance which includes property insurance and liability insurance. And on the other hand, life insurance or personal insurance which includes insurance in the event of death, in the event of survival and mixed insurance.

Economically, insurance plays a key role in economic and social development. Its contribution to GDP remains low in Africa in general and in our country in particular because it is less than 1% due to the methods of quantification. But insurance is a powerful lever for economic development.

Insurance brings serenity and peace of mind to any project. Lack of insurance sometimes keeps individuals and organizations in a perpetual restart.suggested Boukari Savadogo, central director of operations at Sunu Assurances Burkina Faso.

As for the second day of training, it was Boureima Salouka, journalist and director of Fasocheck who presented on the processing of information in the case of insurance.

According to him, it is necessary to humanize the story of insurance, to tell beyond the figures, to make simple what is complex, to make information sheets to achieve a better assimilation of the target audiences. Also, he revealed that it is advisable to start from the incomprehension of the public to formulate the information in order to make it more digestible.

Delivery of certificates
Delivery of certificates

This process will therefore have the advantage of allowing the target populations to be able to take an interest in insurance because, according to him, “insurance is at the heart of human life and of all civilizations”.

Insurance Press Club is born of exchanges

It should be noted that the journalists have all received a certificate of participation from the organizing committee of the event. A press club called “Insurance Press Club” has been set up. His role will be to help people know and understand insurance.

On the sidelines of the training initiated for journalists, Sunu Assurances launched the 4e edition of “Kiff Your Holidays with Sunu Assurances Vie Burkina Faso”, a worker’s internship which allows students to be in a real situation in the professional environment.


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