Tarn. Attacks by Laurent Cabrol’s Ouessant sheep: “Wolves are the kings of oil”

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Convinced that the wolf killed his Ouessant sheep, the former “Mister Weather” Laurent Cabrol intends to get involved in this problem and denounces a “dangerous proliferation”.

In just six months, Tarnais Laurent Cabrol saw seven of his Ouessant sheep, settled in the Montagne Noire in the hamlet of Les Rousses, mysteriously disappear one after the other. If he thought at the beginning of thefts, today, he is convinced that the wolf is the main responsible for the death of his animals. Interview.

Following the potential attack of the wolf on your sheep in the Black Mountain, do you intend to file a complaint?

“Potential” no, for me the wolf killed my sheep. The prefect of Tarn explained in your columns that the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) could not officially confirm that my sheep had been victims of a wolf attack “in view of the decomposition of the carcasses found”, but I don’t agree with that at all. The hairs I found under the fence, they are not dog hair! And there’s only a wolf to transport a sheep’s head with so much barbarism through a fence… So if a complaint has to be filed, it’s the people to whom I had entrusted my sheep and who told me have alerted who will. It happened at home, in their meadow. On the other hand, I intend to get involved a little more in relation to this problem. As I had done at the time with the foxes that had attacked my chicken coop, the hens entrusted to me by Brigitte Bardot.

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Is the presence of the wolf on the territory something that worries you?

Obviously in the sense that I live in the heart of the Black Mountain and know that they are prowling there at the moment. You can’t have pets on your farm anymore. But it’s all about guns. At the time, every peasant had one and as soon as something happened, they settled the score themselves to protect their food. Because if we killed their animals, they could go several days without eating. Today, there are no more rifles, fewer and fewer hunters, and the latter do not always have a good reputation.

You feel angry, revolted even. Why ?

What is revolting is that in Paris, decisions are made by people who do not live in the countryside. I live on the family farm, I am surrounded by forty cows, three horses, three donkeys, chickens and ducks. I live like the old way, almost self-sufficient. I really lead the life of a peasant, in the sense of “the man of a country”, not a peasant in the pejorative sense. And I try to live from that by taking care of nature and my animals. And I don’t want a wolf passing through the night to eat them. Already they must have feasted on my Ouessant sheep… The wolf is becoming a real problem. He made babies and now there are too many. And above all, he is no longer afraid of humans since he is sometimes a few meters from the villages. Wolves are the kings of oil. It is a dangerous proliferation.

What should be done to “counter” the wolf?

Per se, I am not against the wolf. He is there and like any animal he has the right to his freedom, but I just want them to eat naturally and not come and attack our herds. There are too many consequences behind. Once the whole of France will be invaded by wolves, we will take drastic measures and we will remove half of them. But while waiting for concrete measures, we are counting the dead.

The prefect recently expanded the list of breeders authorized to carry out defensive shooting. What do you think ?

It’s a good thing, it was even necessary. But the defensive shots should have been put in place much earlier, and they should be authorized for all breeders.

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