Teleconsultation has become important in the French care pathway

Faced with the expansion of medical deserts, teleconsultation, which has gained in popularity since the health crisis, can prove useful. However, the Health Insurance thinks that better regulation of this device is of paramount importance. It therefore underlines the need, for example, to improve the relevance of remote drug prescriptions.

The High Council for the Future of Health Insurance (HCAAM) has just published a report on the medical teleconsultation. The organization reveals that this tool currently captures almost 5% of all consultations. His document also learns that 75% of doctors have adopted this device. The latter has become decisive in the accomplishment of their profession. It can also be one of the instruments for solving the problem of medical deserts.

The president of the union of general practitioners MG France, Agnès Giannotti, recognizes the usefulness of this method. This is a beneficial technique when it is operated strictly from the perspective of territorial organization or the course of care, she says.

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Health insurance wants a sustainable framework for teleconsultations

The union official, on the other hand, proposes to reform the mechanism for taking charge of health insurance. This when the remote consultation is not carried out by the attending physician. A suggestion that could influence the share of reimbursement borne by complementary health insurance institutions. This was formulated as the organization plans to make some changes in the use of this mode of exercise.

The director general of the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), Thomas Fatôme, has just spoken to hospital officials. He addressed during his speech the rapid development of teleconsultation since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The official said that before the crisis, the use of this device was low, but then:

[…] We’ve gone a bit to open bar or a mix of Wild West. It is now necessary to try to build the ways of a lasting regulation.

This desire to better regulate the use of teleconsultation is welcomed by the doctors’ unions. These groups are critical of distance medicine platforms.

The president of the Union of Liberal Physicians (SML), Philippe Vermersch, regrets that if teleconsultations are carried out everywhere:

[…] There is never going back anyway, there is nothing that is controlled.

Philippe Vermersch

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Health insurance intends to prevent abuse

Medicare thinks the enactment of obligations on the contribution to the reimbursement of unscheduled care would be particularly desirable. Doctors fond of teleconsultation should then be mobilized for unforeseeable health concerns at a time when:

  • The Executive plans to reorganize care;
  • The emergency services are in a delicate situation.

Health insurance would also like increase the relevance of prescriptions medication carried out during teleconsultations. She had expressed this wish in a report dating from last July. This would serve, among other things, to ensure that doctors refrain from remotely recommending more antibiotics than necessary.

The organization also notes that companies offering distance medicine do not have their own legal framework. It therefore considers it essential to draw up an appropriate status for telemedicine providers.

Finally, prevention against abuse is also desired. In this sense, Health Insurance intends to stop compensating work exemptions prescribed in remote consultation. This when they do not come from a attending physician. This would dissuade patients from preferring, or even multiplying teleconsultations, to benefit from a work stoppage.

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