The 2022 Pacific Mini-Games, officially open

Athletes from New Caledonia walked with undeniable pleasure on the track of the Oleai stadium, this Friday, June 17, for the ceremony opening the eleventh Pacific Mini-Games in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Athletes from the 20 participating states and territories marched with their flags. A colorful event.

Flags galore and smiles colored Oleai Stadium in Saipan yesterday, Friday, June 17. The opening ceremony of the Pacific Mini-Games brought together nearly 1,000 participants and 400 staff members taking part in this eleventh edition.

First to open the ball, Vanuatu, which hosted the tenth edition of the Mini-games in 2017. This year, the 30 Vanuatu athletes are involved in 5 of the 9 scheduled disciplines.

The Vanuatu delegation, which hosted the previous Mini-Games in 2017, got the ball rolling.

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High in color too, the Fiji delegation and its nearly 125 athletes, who participate in 7 of the 9 disciplines offered.

2022 Mini-Games: Opening Ceremony 2

Fiji’s athletes compete in seven of the nine disciplines on offer this year.

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Another remarkable passage, that of the delegation of Guam and its 100 athletes. One of them made the show, with his umbrella in the colors of Guam.

And if delegations came in large numbers, others proved to be smaller. Like that of Micronesia and its ten athletes. They are involved in 2 disciplines: tennis and athletics.

Mini-Games 2022: Micronesia

The delegation of Micronesia, for these eleventh Pacific Mini-Games.

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And then our Cagous had a remarkable visit with the tchap prepared upstream in the gardens of the village of the Games. A suspended moment, imbued with a very special emotion, offered by our athletes who are putting their title back into play. And who were wearing black armbands, in tribute to Charles Cali, former president of the CTOS and Roger Kaddour, a pillar of New Caledonian sport, who died on last year.

With their two athletes who were awarded wreaths, the Northfolk Islands also attracted public sympathy.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 3

The two participants in the Pacific Mini-Games from the Northfolk Islands, an Australian territory in the southwest Pacific, between Australia and New Zealand.

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Another remarkable passage, that of the Solomon Islands. A passage punctuated by dance and traditional songs, in front of the official stand.

For their part, the Tahitian athletes came in large numbers, and colored the track red and white.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 5

The Tahiti delegation has 82 athletes for this eleventh edition of the Pacific Mini-Games.

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Tuvalu’s athletes also wowed the public. Tuvalu, who have never hosted the Pacific Games, nor the Mini-games. Their 15 athletes will participate in 5 of the 9 disciplines offered this year.

Our neighbors from Wallis-and-Futuna continued with a remarkable dance, proposed by their athletes. They are 35 for this eleventh edition.

The host country, the Northern Mariana Islands, mobilized its athletes for this edition. They are more than a hundred to participate in the meeting, in the 9 disciplines proposed.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 7

The delegation of the Northern Mariana Islands, host country of this eleventh edition of the 2022 Pacific Mini-Games.

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And to salute their work carried out during the Covid crisis, it was members of the health and safety staff who carried the official flag of these Mini-games, 2022 edition.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 7

Health and safety personnel carried the official flag for this eleventh edition of the Mini-Games, in tribute to their work carried out during more than two years of health crisis.

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A ceremony closed by traditional Chamorro dance performances. Under the amazed gaze of nearly 1,000 athletes present this year.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 8

Several Chamorro dance performances, traditional from the Northern Mariana Islands, were offered at the Oleai sports complex.

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A traditional show performed close to the athletes, on the central track of the Oleai sports complex. The opportunity to impress the representatives of the 20 countries.

Mini-Games 2022: opening ceremony 9

The Chamorro dances were performed in the middle of the athletes, on the central track. The opportunity to appreciate the show more closely.

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The radio report of this opening ceremony, produced by William Lecren:

Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Pacific Mini-Games

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