The big rumor that turns on LeBron and Kyrie Irving!

Not happy with negotiations with the Nets over his contract extension, Kyrie Irving could leave the franchise shortly. Among the suitors to welcome him? The Lakers obviously, with a LeBron James who would not be against a small meeting under the Los Angeles sun. For those who dream of it, the latest rumor will not calm the spirits.

Summer has only just begun, but it’s already a big hassle for the Nets in the soap opera Kyrie Irving. The latter is eligible for a contract extension, the opportunity for him to receive large emoluments for the years to come. But after the last fiasco in Brooklyn in the playoffs, as well as the absence of the leader for a large part of the season, do we really have to give in to his demands? The answer is obviously no.

For now, the discussions are still fairly fluid, but there is a real scenario where Irving decides to refuse his option next season, to be a free agent at the beginning of July. It’s not impossible according to observers, as money is not a priority for Uncle Drew. In other words, it would be a disaster in Brooklyn, since Kevin Durant could just be the next to ask to leave.

LeBron James / Kyrie Irving meeting in progress?

Regardless of the outcome, franchises are already preparing to recruit Irving if he becomes available for the start of free agency. Among them ? The Lakers of course, with a LeBron James headlining. When you see the Russell Westbrook fiasco, it’s no wonder the front office is interested in Kyrie’s case. The rumors go a little further, since the King would have made a quick phone call, just to take the temperature.

There are credible rumors circulating that Irving did have recent contact with LeBron James, his former teammate in Cleveland, presumably to discuss reuniting in Hollywood.

The rumor comes over from Marc Stein, who confirms this theory. It obviously wouldn’t be impossible, especially given the latest noise from the hallway on the Brooklyn side. If the player’s priority remains to extend his adventure in the Big Apple, the Lakers are a serious threat:

The Lakers are considered the biggest threat to Kyrie, but that would mean he has to give up 30 million of what he can earn in Brooklyn. There is this exception to 6 million that he could sign with the Lakers.

Kyrie Irving at the Lakers is definitely a possibility. The most likely scenario remains an agreement with the Nets, but discussions for an extension are not progressing to date. LeBron James is already on a mission, he who probably wants to find his former teammate on a floor: it promises.

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