the disappearance of a committed man

Michel-André Philippe died at the age of 77. After a career within the UAP and AXA, this personality with very eclectic commitments was strongly invested in the equal world.

Michel-Andre Philippe passed away on August 11 from cancer. A disappearance that will not fail to affect all those who have met this man with a singular career in the world ofassurance and some foresight. He nevertheless dreamed of being a lawyer, but as often fate will decide otherwise, with the meeting of a representative of The Sequanaiselooking for sales representatives.

The field school

The dice are cast and the young man invests heavily in this insurance company in eastern France. “There is something fascinating about autodidacts. After years of often neglected studies there is always a moment when a bulimia for work takes hold of them. Like a determination to succeed, in complete independence”explained the one who will have learned during these years of sales on the ground in Burgundy, “the behavior of people, humility, and above all the need to adapt”.

Michel-André Philippe chained positions, climbed the ladder against the backdrop of the major restructuring of French insurance. La Séquanaise merged with two other companies to give birth in the late 1960s to Paris Insurance Union. The UAP which will be bought thirty years later by the new AXA group. At the end of the 1990s, Mape, as he signed his e-mails, held the position of regional director of AXA Conseil in Lille.

A great journey during which he met leaders and future leaders of insurance. Thus, in the winter of 1993, he hosted a young actuary who had just joined UAP and who intended to better understand the commercial approach. They will remain close for 30 years. Today, CEO of Generali, Jean-Laurent Granier is very affected by his disappearance. “He is a man who had a very great sense of human relations and a real senior in his profession. He perfectly mastered all aspects of personal insurance. »

Turning towards parity

At almost 55 years old, this “eclectic of solidarity” in his own words made the choice to engage in the world of joint social protection. Medef representative within the employer college, Michel-André Philippe will chair the Vauban Humanis group and the GNP – the Groupement national de prévoyance, now defunct, then brought together seven provident institutions. “I learned joint management there, where everything is negotiated. It is very instructive, very constructive, but above all it must be very creative so that the balance of decisions becomes an applicable reality.explained Michel-André Philippe, who will also be a director of the ctip (Technical Center for Provident Institutions) and the supplementary pension scheme Arrco as well as chairman of the committee of experts within the Ocirp Corporate Foundation dedicated to orphans!

Employment and integration of disabled workers

And Bernard Devy, figure of parity, did not fail to salute in a post on Linkedin his investment in the world of parity but also in favor of the cause of disability. This bulimic, promoted Knight of the Legion of Honor, has indeed worked a lot in favor of the employment and integration of disabled workers, whether within the Medef or various associations that he chairs such as Employment and Handicap Greater Lille or the Cheops Hauts-de-France Federation.

An investment that does not erase convictions. While he participated in the creation of the Humanis grouphe did not hesitate in 2013 to return all his mandates within the social protection group, in order to show his opposition to the dismissal of the general manager Damien Vandorpe. “If we don’t change this practice, if we don’t give him the freedom and the means to work, the new managing director of Humanis, who has a very good background, will no doubt have difficulty finalizing the constitution and success of a group, which has many qualities but operates in a difficult market. It is necessary to restore the margins to a good level”, he then declared in the columns of the Argus. The sequence of events did not really prove him wrong.

The funeral of Michel-André Philippe took place in the North, on August 16th.

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