The game FIFA becomes EA Sports FC, FIFA reacts in a lunar way

After several months of discussion, the separation is now recorded: the Electronic Arts football game will no longer bear the name FIFA. This is EA Sports FC.

FIFA 22 // Source: EA

For nearly 30 years, the American giant Electronic Arts has been developing football games with the FIFA license, to the point of making it one of the pillars of video games. Each year in France, it is one of the most sold cultural products, if not the most sold. The FIFA game is therefore a financial issue of the utmost importance for the publisher.

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It is the fruit of the work of the developers each year, but also of the purchase of several licenses. The first of these is the name of the game itself negotiated with FIFA, the International Federation of Football Association. For several months, however, we know that FIFA and EA have been in disagreement regarding the license to operate the game. Now it’s official, EA has announced the abandonment of the license for its football game. There will no longer be any FIFA games under the EA banners, but an EA Sports FC game.

The essence of the game will remain the same

Beware, EA is far from abandoning the vast majority of its licenses. The future EA Sports FC game to be released in 2023 will therefore be the result of an agreement with more than 300 partners, which will allow the publisher to continue to use the names of the players, as well as their faces in particular. EA will also retain the rights to the stadiums, their architecture, the names of the teams or even the various regional leagues such as La Liga, the Premier League or the Champions League. In all, 19,000 players, 700 teams, 100 stadiums and 30 leagues are affected by these renewed licenses. The EA Sports press release is also accompanied by quotes from several partners such as UEFA or Nike. What give the feeling of the insurrection against FIFA.

EA promises that its next episode will see the return of all modes, and in particular the juicy Ultimate Team.

A new game

Without the constraints and the price of the FIFA license, EA now wants to feel free to evolve the game and promises to take EA Sports FC in a new direction. The publisher does not give much detail on its objectives and give us an appointment in the summer of 2023 to find out more.

At the publisher, we would obviously like to explore new avenues for the game. For example, the exploitation of NFTs could have been learned several months ago by way of the press, but all this is still at the reflection stage. .

FIFA’s lunar reaction

FIFA obviously reacted to this major event. Recall that EA paid 150 million dollars a year to obtain the only right to call its game FIFA. The latter probably wanted to increase the bill to 250 million dollars per year. The reaction is, to say the least, lunar. Here is the FIFA President’s statement, the formatting has been retained.

I can assure you that the only authentic and real game that bears the FIFA name will be the best available for gamers and football fans. The name FIFA is the only global and original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – the constant is the FIFA name and it will forever remain and remain THE BEST.

Yes, FIFA did put a word in all capitals in a press release, letting some tension appear. Obviously, FIFA places this under the sign of good news. Now, it wants to sign contracts with several developers and publishers to compete with EA Sports FC. She says several “no simulation” games are already in production for a Q3 2022 launch. The aim is to coincide with the Qatar World Cup at the end of the year. FIFA does not specify the platforms targeted by these games in production, and it is very likely that one or more of them are mobile games.

FIFA also announces that it is in discussions with other major video game publishers and investors to develop the next major episode of the official FIFA license. It will be a football simulation game, and the launch is scheduled for 2024. According to the FIFA President, this new game will be ” forever THE BEST “. The bet is launched.

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