The main races of the coming week

A sumptuous meeting next Sunday in Vincennes, with no less than five Groups I

This Sunday, will take place on the Plateau de Gravelle one of the most beautiful meetings disputed in the discipline, a meeting which has always been very rich, but which takes on even more importance this year with the overhaul of the classic calendar. From then on, it is the trifle of five Group I that we will witness, with very many champions who will tread the track, in the young generations or in the horses of age, at the harnessed trot or the mounted trot. A brief overview of the program that will be offered, with, in addition, two races adorned with the Group III label on the bill.

In harnessed trotting, the René Ballière prize and the Albert Viel prize

Harnessed, two Groups I will take place, with the elite of aged trotters in the René Ballière prize, and the best three-year-olds in the Albert Viel prize. 2100 meters start given with the help of the autostart in the René Ballière prize, this race has been the prerogative of Sébastien Guarato since the 2016 edition, the famous trainer winning it consecutively four times with BOLD EAGLE, and twice with FACE TIME BOURBON. No champion for him this year, the field will nevertheless be extremely high, with the presence of AMAZING (photo Scoopdyga), now crowned with his success in the Elitloppet. He should face him VIVID WISE AS, but also DELIA DU POMMEREUX, AMPIA MEDE SM, GALIUS, DIABLE DE VAUVERT or GU D’HERIPRE, but also the younger HOHNECK. Suffice to say that we must expect a great moment of sport in this competition. In the Albert Viel prize, the best Js will compete. Whether it’s JAZZY PERRINE, JUST A GIGOLO or JOKE, the most successful among this generation will be present, but also some rising stars, like JANKA SOMOLLI. The succession of the two students of Philippe Allaire ITALIANO VERO and HELGAFELL will be at stake in this event. The two Group IIIs of the day will also be contested on the harnessed trot, with the Raymond Fouard and Grasse prizes. The four-year-olds will be honored in the Raymond Fouard prize, IZOARD VEDAQUAIS, IDAO DE TILLARD and ITALIANO VERO should be present, and the five and six-year-olds in the Grasse prize, with here the announced presence of good elements such as HARIBO DU LEISURE, HIP HOP HAUFOR, GOELAND D’HAUFOR or GASPAR DE BRION.

The mounted trot in the spotlight with three Groups I, the Prix d’Essai, the President of the Republic and Normandy

During this meeting, the accent will also be placed on the discipline of mounted trotting, with three Group I, with the best three, four and five year olds who will be on the track for a crowning achievement in their objective prepared long months in advance. The Prix d’Essai, for three-year-olds, is contested on the classic course of 2700 meters. Current leader of this category, JASPERS TURGOT will try to sign a new success there, with in front of him JUNON, JOLLY ROGER or JELYSON. Note that JUNON DU LEARD will not be in the game, victim of tendonitis. In addition, several quality colts and fillies could take advantage of this competition to complete their first course under saddle. In the prize of the President of the Republic, place for four years, with there again “beautiful people”. IDEALE DU CHENE, ICI C’EST PARIS and INDIGO DU PORET are the trio of shock that should ensure the show, with also INES DES RIOULTS who had created the surprise in Caen. Very nice race in perspective, like the Prix de Normandie, this time with the five-year-olds. In this prestigious event, HANDY BOURBON will try to confirm its impressive victorious debut in the discipline during the Jean Gauvreau prize. HIRONDELLE DU RIB and HALLIX nevertheless remain the most successful, while HATCHET MAN also made an impression in the Victor Cavey prize, the last preparatory… The winner of the Critérium des 4 Ans, HASTRONAUTE, could also take advantage of this event to sign a first career in the discipline…


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