The moving video of a dog saying goodbye to the members of the shelter who took care of him for 6 long years

Shelter volunteers invest themselves on a daily basis to allow animals without families to live in the best possible conditions. They become attached to these endearing beings and vice versa. This video showing Stevie’s farewell as she leaves for a new life is heartwarming.

Steve is a 7 year old black dog. He arrived at Dogtown South Africaan animal sanctuary located in the mountains Hennop in South Africawhen he was one year old.

The poor man had been found wandering and needed treatment. Steve turned out to be an outgoing, kind and friendly pooch. So much so that the volunteers became deeply attached to him.

They have done their utmost to ensure that the canine finds its forever home. But despite the potential adopters showing up at the kennel, Steve was not noticed.

For 6 long years, the affectionate pooch waited desperately for a chance. Despite everything, he had some very good times in the company of the members of the Dogtown SA.

“Stevie met a lot of potential families, but for some unknown reason, another dog was systematically chosen instead. Many of her housemates have been adopted over the years and we always hoped the same for Stevie. Being black didn’t help either, as it’s quite common for specimens of this color to be neglected in shelters”said Elanza Kloppersthe head of adoptions, at The Dodo.

Good things come to those who wait for

Eventually, a couple fell in love with Steve and reciprocally. The animal immediately expressed his desire to leave for new adventures with these loving and caring masters.

“I was so looking forward to breaking the news to the team”told Elanza before adding: “we all agreed to say goodbye to him as it should be”.

The volunteers therefore formed a guard of honor to accompany Steve to the vehicle of its new owners. The happy pooch was obviously touched, as he took the time to happily greet each person.


Stevie has been with us since July 2016. Today we all got to cheer him on as he leaves for his forever home ?? #dogsoftiktok #shelterdog #adopted #fyp

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“Everyone was so happy for Stevie. It was beautiful to see”reported Elanza still excited.

Today, Steve fully enjoying the life he deserved. He does not leave his new master with whom he shares many activities. “Stevie has finally found his happily ever after, and the entire Dogtown SA team couldn’t be happier for him”concluded Elanza.

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