The multimedia test of the Chromecast Google TV and remote control!

Google Chromecast with Google TV: the complete set.

Google has been experimenting with the world of TV for ages. The more seasoned will remember the various partnerships with Sony and Logitech… Now, the world’s leading search engine shines with its various Chromecasts, including this version which simply connects via HDMI to its TV. Test of an accessory at 69.99 francs.

As shown in the photo gallery below, this Chromecast comes with everything you need: from power supply to remote control and batteries. For those who already have a Google account and the Google Home app, getting started is lightning fast. Technical sheet of a device which should officially land in a few days in Switzerland.

Chromecast to a free HDMI port

After connecting your Chomecast to a free HDMI port, just go to your Google Home app and add the Chomecast device. Logins and passwords follow if you have chosen the standard feed. Note that an optional power supply allows you to connect directly to the internet via an RJ 45 cable. Well done!

Once this is done, you must connect your various video or TV accounts, i.e. Sunrise UPC TV, Zattoo, Disney+, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Play RTS, Arte or even the essential myCanal. It must be said that this Chromecast with Google TV still comes with, in particular, Spotify, Stadia, Arte, Deezer and YouTube. And of course, you can still cast content from your Android or Chrome browser on it.

Nice remote control

Overall, the small white remote control is very effective and well thought out. In particular, it allows you to select the correct HDMI for your TV (works perfectly on my Sony). Its handling is very pleasant. The ergonomics are very functional, especially the arrow keys at the top. Menu navigation is smooth.

Home, back, to mute or adjust it to the sound side perfect. But Google is even stronger with its Assistant key. Not only is it possible to dictate, for example, James Bond 007, but also to tell him “Play James Bond against Dr No”. The assistant then indicates that the film is available on several services…

A most useful Google assistant

Indeed, the Assistant is able to scan the content of several services and to synthesize the offer, to offer personalized suggestions on the different services to which one has subscribed. A feature that is already found on Sony’s Android TVs, for example. Very nice, despite some limitations, as often mentioned here.

This brings me to another point: security. Indeed, as I have seen again on TCL or Sony televisions recently, manufacturers are struggling to put the systems on the models they have already sold. Compared to the ecosystem of a Microsoft, which maintains its Windows for periods close to the decade, what about here?

And security at Google?

Small disappointment in Google’s Chomecast settings since I discovered that it runs on Android 10 with an Android TV security patch level dated October 5, 2021. After checking that the trick was up to date… That’s all likewise eight months for a latest version 12 of Android…

Let’s move on. Even if the remote control supplied with the Chromecast is successful, I must admit that I now control my whole house with my smartphone, in particular thanks to Logitech Harmony for the latest devices which are only connected by infrared. The good news is that you can also easily control this device with your mobile after association.

What applications

In the end, I have no complaints about this easy-to-use accessory that can be an interesting alternative for connecting screens whose operating system does not allow it or which are obsolete. It remains to be seen what Google’s update policy will be, in principle a rather good student in this area. And then, this Chomecast allows you to benefit from the entire Google ecosystem of the webcam connected to home automation…

Otherwise, the 4K HDR 60p Dolby Vision (for amateurs), HDR10 and HDR10+ definition is appreciable, not to mention Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital + and Dolby. Watching is fun! There remains the question of the number of usable applications. FYI Net+ is also part of it, but not Salt TV or Blue TV as it stands. To be continued.

xavier studer

The latest Chromecast with Google TV.
The latest Chromecast with Google TV.

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