the Senate continues to criticize public authorities

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The Senate again scolded the public authorities on Thursday after the Stade de France fiasco, denouncing “a lack of preparation upstream” and continuing to try to understand “the serious fault” of the destruction of the CCTV images of this chaotic evening.

After a visit to the Stade de France, the senatorial delegation examining the incidents which occurred during the final of the Champions League denounced, Thursday, June 16, the “unpreparedness” of the public authorities and qualified as “serious fault” the non-conservation CCTV footage.

This delegation set off for the Stade de France on Thursday afternoon, in particular to visit the security headquarters there. She then made “a progress report” on this fiasco having degraded the image of France as an organizer of major sporting events two years before the Olympic Games (OG) – and created a virulent controversy between France and England.

“Imparedness upstream, lack of responsiveness during and questionable management afterwards”: the chairman of the Culture Committee, Laurent Lafon (centrist), thus summed up the failure of this evening having seen spectators without tickets climbing the gates, supporters and families sprayed with tear gas and other victims of robberies or assaults.

A few hours earlier, at the Luxembourg Palace this time, the interministerial delegate for major sporting events and the Olympics, Michel Cadot, assured for his part that the preparation had been “serious”, claiming “dense work”. He submitted a report last week detailing the various malfunctions that accumulated during this evening.

“A dilution of responsibilities”

The prefect of police of Paris, Didier Lallement, had recognized before the senators on June 9 last “a failure” and “imprecise figures”. Heard before, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, had maintained his version, much criticized, attributing the only fiasco to the “35,000” supporters with falsified tickets or without a ticket.

Little by little, the picture for the evening of May 28 is taking shape, pending further hearings next week, in particular those of Real Madrid and Liverpool supporters.

But for Laurent Lafon, “all this gives the impression that there is no person responsible and since there is no person responsible, there is no culprit”, evoking “a dilution of responsibilities “. And all is not clear yet.

The non-conversation of the images is “a serious fault”

For the president of the Law Commission, Jean-Noël Buffet (LR), the fact that the CCTV images have not been kept constitutes “a serious fault”. If the video images from public transport or the police headquarters were kept, those taken by the manager of the Stade de France were automatically deleted after seven days.

Despite the presence of a judicial police officer and also, “it seems, of a deputy prosecutor” as is “customary” during a major event, at the security headquarters of the Stade de France, these images were not preserved, he explained.

Asked about the hypothesis that this non-conservation could have been intended to “hide” elements, Jean-Noël Buffet replied: “No, I can’t say that”. “What challenges is that no one had the lucidity to say ‘we keep these images'”, he said, specifying to AFP that he was going to question “the Chancellery” at this topic.

Asked about the automatic destruction of these images, Michel Cadot had returned Thursday morning to the prosecution, in capacity to make requisitions. “I can understand that the citizen has a little difficulty in considering that it is simply a form of automaticity that intervened in this case,” he commented, taking advantage of the hearing to plead, in view of the Olympic Games, for the adaptation of a crowd movement detection system.

The Senate, which would also like to hear UEFA but has not yet received an answer, has “not finished its work”. “The time will come to also clarify the problem of counterfeit notes, a judicial investigation is in progress, which is perhaps not the major fact” of this evening as it was hammered during the first days, explained Jean- Christmas Buffet. The senator expects “a quick response” from the state.

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