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The story of Simon Jean-Joseph, the most successful overseas racing driver, is released in theaters this Saturday in Guadeloupe. Produced by oOvango, “Jean-Jo, the story of a champion” is a documentary that takes him on his steps, from the first time he held a steering wheel, to his multiple titles won.

Simon Jean-Joseph is one of the most successful West Indian sportsmen, internationally: double European rally champion, triple French champion and 26 starts in the World Rally Championship to his name. Since 2013, he is also the opener for Sébastien Ogier, 8 times world champion.
Such a career as a racing driver, in particular, deserves a spotlight.
This is how oOvango, a company specializing in auto-motorcycle news from Overseas France, decided to devote a documentary to him. This film, titled Jean-Jo, the story of a champion », is signed Fabien Duflos.
It recounts the exceptional course, the tests crossed and the victories won by the champion.

“Jean-Jo, the story of a champion”, directed by Fabien Duflos.

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Fabien Duflos lifts the veil on a man who knew how to surpass himself, with the love of his discipline as a driving force. The director relies on archive images, the discovery of the places where the pilot was forged and testimonies from Simon Jean-Joseph himself, but also from those who worked with him.

This documentary will be released in theaters this Saturday, June 18, 2022, in Guadeloupe, for the general public. Today and tomorrow, six screenings are scheduled at the Cinéstar de Dothémare, in Les Abymes.

This 1h20 documentary is full of emotion, full of anecdotes, full of things that no one knew about me. I revealed myself quite a bit in this documentary. And then, at the same time, I gave some keys, in a somewhat difficult period in the West Indies and, probably, it’s a film that seems to be inspiring. It is difficult for me to speak about it but, in any case, it is the return that I have. And, therefore, I invite all those who want to come and see this story and see that everything is possible, in my opinion, in life. You will come away with a lot of motivation.

Here’s a preview of “ Jean-Jo, the story of a champion » :

For the occasion, personalities from the world of motor sports will be gathered around the man who inspired this work, in particular Olivier Badlou, Max Berville, and Fortuné Hatchi.
An exhibition of racing and exceptional vehicles is also planned on site.

The history between Simon Jean-Joseph and the automobile dates back to his childhood in Martinique. He had a steering wheel in his hands at a very young age. First, just to play and pretend, like many little boys do. But, as soon as he knew how to turn the key and start a car, he didn’t hesitate.

This passion he shared with his older brother, Alphonse. But the latter died during a race, at Rivière-Salée; Simon was only 14 years old.
This drama could have diverted Jean-Jo (as his relatives affectionately call him) from his intention to become a pilot. His parents themselves tried to forbid him, in vain. His passion was the strongest.

If he cut his teeth on his native island of Martinique, it was in Guadeloupe that he was propelled to the next level:

All of this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t spent time in Guadeloupe several years ago, where I crossed swords with the best pilots at the time. It was the springboard for me. I started racing, as an amateur, in Martinique. I then wanted to measure myself against the best, in Guadeloupe.

Simon Jean-Joseph, racing driver

Simon Jean-Joseph was the guest of Claude Danican, in the radio chronicle of Guadeloupe La 1time The Big Interview », yesterday (06/17/2022):

Simon Jean-Joseph, guest of “La Grande Interview” – 06/17/2022

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