The supermarket is organizing a pop-up sale of kitchen products that you shouldn’t miss!

Lidl, a French supermarket that provides consumers with many products at low prices and yet that perfectly meet the needs of users. As usual, during the week of September 15, he prepares products intended for the kitchen.

If you are a regular at the Lidl supermarket, flash and ephemeral sales no longer surprise you. Indeed, to make life less expensive and take advantage of the best offers, this large retail store is made for you.

From September 15, for example, Lidl is offering its customers a selection of everyday household appliances. An offer not to be missed !

Appliances at Lidl

In order to allow consumers to have household appliances at low prices, Lidl used to make promotions or ephemeral sales on these appliances. This time, the supermarket chose various kitchen utensils at less than 30% for its customers. For the selection of items, the German brand Silvercrest is there.

In close collaboration with the German brand Silvercrest, the devices offered are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty. They are moreover of a exceptional quality. They sell like hotcakes at Lidl. Users are already conquered by the quality and even more for the price.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to test this brand yet, it might be time to check out Lidl. Some everyday appliances such as the microwave oven, the vegetable and fruit dehydrator, the multifunction robot or the avocado preserver.

For those who are already familiar with the products, now is the time to take advantage of them. The sales of articles intended for the kitchen have already started on September 15th. Also for its greatest advantage, Lidl has many stores all over France. No matter what region you are in, you will find the same items for the same price.

An overview of the available product lists

As we have already stated above, the Silvercrest brand is there. It is in perfect agreement with the Lidl supermarket and thanks to this association, the prices of the devices are sold at the cheapest price on the market. To find out what items are on offer this week, you can see directly at the Lidl stores closest to you. You won’t leave without a purchase from the store.

If you have considered replacing, for example, your microwave ovenyou can buy a new one from Lidl for the price of 64.99€ only. And of course, it is from the Silvercrest brand. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else. For the preparation and preservation of your fruits and vegetables, the silvercrest food dehydrator is available again on Lidl’s kitchen section, for only €39.99.

Again, this is an unbeatable price and defying all competition in the market. For cooking enthusiasts, other appliances are available. The multifunction robot will make your daily life easier for the preparation of your favorite dishes. The Silvercrest brand is featured prominently in the store, but you still have other brands if you wish.

It’s probably time to take a trip to Lidl to find a missing kitchen utensil or why not replace your old appliances. Since this is a temporary sale, the offer will not last. You should take advantage.

At Lidl, an ephemeral sale as we like

To take advantage of Lidl’s continuous promotional offers, be aware that the store offers its customers an exceptional 5% discount all year round. A discount that can be used once a month. This discount is offered as part of an anti-inflation system. It is also in some ways a technique for building customer loyalty. And a reward for customers who are already loyal to the store.

Regarding ephemeral sales, Lidl offers multitudes of household appliances. The store stands out from others in terms of item prices. Cheaper than elsewhere yet very good quality. And we can say that their motto does not disappoint anyone: Lidl, the real price of good things. It is a great pleasure to be able to shop in Lidl stores. The products meet European standards since they are made in Germany. The choice of articles always corresponds to the daily needs of customers with the aim of facilitating their tasks in the kitchen or in the house in general.

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