The trial of Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter ended in Bellinzona

Opened on June 8, the trial of Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter, in the so-called “two million Swiss francs” case, ended on Tuesday, shortly after 1:30 p.m., at the Federal Criminal Court (TPF) in Bellinzona (Switzerland). , one day in advance. The two defendants had the last word to conclude the proceedings.

The Swiss (86) said his “inner pain” having “has been designated as a thief, deceiver and falsifier” since the opening of criminal proceedings against him, at the end of September 2015, in this case of allegedly unfair payment in favor of “Platoche”, at the beginning of 2011. “It was an overwhelming seven years, he continued. The accusations against me are false. It pains me. »

“To wash away what has been soiled and flouted for seven long years and recognize the suffering of my family. »

Michel Platini, in his speech at the end of the trial

Then, the ex-leader of the Blues, who turns 67 on Tuesday, spoke last, at 1:30 p.m., for three minutes, at the helm, just before the closing of the debates, with a little emotion in the voice. “I have always deeply respected others, my opponents, my partners and the refereeslaunched Platini. I have never had a red card during my career. It’s my great pride and it was my daddy’s greatest pride (Aldo, who passed away in 2017). I express my confidence in the justice of this court to restore the truth in its decision. Wash away what has been soiled and abused for seven long years and recognize the suffering of my family. »

Previously, the court had first heard the replies of the federal prosecutor’s office, which is bringing the accusation, and of FIFA, a civil party, to the defense arguments of the two famous defendants. As he had developed in his indictment, on June 15, the prosecutor Thomas Hildbrand again brushed aside the thesis of a “oral contract” who would have been concluded – without the participation of a third party – between Blatter and Platini in 1998, a prelude to their contractual relationship formalized a year later, for a work of ” Technical Adviser “ du Lorrain with the Haut-Valaisan, ex-boss of FIFA.

A “burden of proof” for the federal prosecution

“The truth is hard and it calls for hard wordsexplained Hildbrand, who requested twenty months of suspended prison sentence against the two men. There is a well-founded suspicion that the payment (2 million Swiss francs, i.e. €1.80 million at the time) was not made in consideration for a service provided to FIFA” by Platini. Hildbrand also recalled the “burden of proof” which weigh, according to him, against the duo of ex-leaders in this trial for suspicion of “fraud, unfair management, breach of trust and forgery in the titles”.

Me Catherine Hohl-Chirazi, lawyer for the world body, succeeded the magistrate of the federal prosecutor’s office, hammering several times that FIFA had not “no debt to Michel Platini”. According to her, the invoice presented by Lorrain, at the beginning of 2011, and validated by Sepp Blatter, is “a cover to hide a wrongful payment, this must lead to a conviction”.

In his rejoinder, Me Dominic Nellen, lawyer for Michel Platini, castigated the “vehemence” with which the Swiss public prosecutor’s office and FIFA rightly wish “get the conviction” of his client. Like his colleague Lorenz Erni, counsel for Sepp Blatter, the young Bernese lawyer insisted on the existence of this alleged ” verbal agreement “. The lawyers recalled that they were asking “the acquittal” for their client, as they have previously pleaded. Judgment will be delivered on July 8.


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