the world elite meets in Algeria

The city of Oran is setting itself up to date with major international events. A few weeks before the Mediterranean Games, the capital of western Algeria will host the 33rd edition of the GAIF conference, the General Union of Arab Insurers.

It will be from June 5 to 8, in the very modern setting of the Oran Convention Center. More than a regional sectoral meeting, the conference organized by the Algerian Union of Insurers and Reinsurers (UAR), under the patronage of the Prime Minister, has an international dimension.

It’s even ” one of the four major global events for the insurance industry », Specifies in a statement to TSA Hassen Khelifati, CEO of Alliance Assurances and Vice-President of the Algerian Union of Insurers. The other meetings are those of Baden-Baden in Germany, Monaco and the OAA (organization of African insurers), also planned in Algeria in 2023.

Nearly 1,200 participants are expected next month in Oran, including 720 foreigners, representing all branches of the profession (companies, brokers, etc.), from around fifty countries and five continents. The largest insurers and reinsurers in the world will be there. 400 Algerian professionals will also be present.

The theme chosen for the event is dictated by the global situation: ” The new context and its impact on the insurance industry. What challenges and opportunities for the Arab insurance market? “.

The global insurance market has been strongly impacted by the covid-19 health crisis. In Algeria, sector turnover fell by 6% in 2020, before starting to recover in 2021.

The GAIF conference will, however, address the issue from another angle, that of the lessons of the pandemic for the sector. Hassen Khelifati explains: “ The world was surprised by the pandemic. There is no cover for this type of risk, such as the closure of factories and businesses, or the cessation of air transport. This has raised a global debate on whether to launch new products that would cover these risks in anticipation of possible other pandemics or similar situations. “.

Promote the image of Algeria »

All this will be discussed by the professionals during the four days of the conference. It will also be a question of evoking the possibility of digitization and digitalization of the sector to get out of the canvas of traditional agencies and move towards the concept of the virtual company.

It will also be an opportunity for Algerian professionals to make contacts and get in tune with what is being done elsewhere, through the many communications that will be given by high-level specialists.

When you have nearly 800 foreign participants, including all the major global insurers, it is obvious that there will be dividends for Algerian companies. They will be able to establish contacts and possibly enter into partnerships. There are bound to be a lot of things going on. There will also be high-level conferences », confirms the vice-president of the UAR.

The opportunity is also for the image of Algeria which should be enhanced by the success of an international event of such magnitude.

The UAR and the public authorities do not skimp on the effort and the means and even the Algerian diplomatic representations have been called upon, in particular through the facilitation of visa procedures for foreign participants.

Hassen Khelifati assures that the organization of which he is vice-president wishes to make the conference a great success and announces that he will be, together with the president of the UAR, next week in Aqaba (Jordan), in the part of the promotion of the event.

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