These equipments that you absolutely need in your kitchen during this fall of 2022!

Do you want your kitchen to be well equipped? Remember to pay a visit to Lidl to buy these items!

This time, Lidl has prioritized food lovers. To give you more pleasure during your preparations, the brand offers you these new products. Of course, you can’t miss these!

Lidl: Offers just for you!

The French know that there is no better place to do good business than at Lidl. Especially since at the German brand, new offers arrive every week. Indeed, the brand continues to surpass itself to to satisfy the needs of its clientele. Without forgetting that at the big discounter, the price is always within everyone’s reach.

Obviously, you can find everything at Lidl. Especially since the brand continues to specialize in several areas. From now on, the brand is no longer content to keep its reputation in the food sector. Consumers have surely noticed that the brand is on all fronts in recent months. As proof, the various fashion items or cosmetic products that are already available in its stores today.

Of course, this does not mean that Lidl has put aside its household appliances with which it owes its success. Indeed, the German brand has not stopped thinking about everything that can make it easier for you. Moreover, this is what the brand wants to prove by offering these different new kitchen equipment. With these, you will surely be well prepared for winter.

Since September 15, 2022, Lidl has offered items that are essential in your kitchen. Apparently, the German brand has selected these to prepare for your return to school. Obviously, these are all quality items and at a low price, knowing the reputation of the brand. What’s better than equipping your kitchen without breaking the bank ?

Kitchen appliances available from the brand!

So we can start with this heated blender that Lidl put on its sales shelves very recently. With this one, you will no longer have any trouble preparing your soups. Even more, you can make your preparations in record time. With its price, you will surely adopt it immediately. Indeed, this high-performance kitchen equipment will only cost you 34.99 euros.

If you have trouble storing your food, this food dehydrator from Lidl will be of great use to you. Indeed, with this device, you can keep your food for a very long time. In addition to that, it will eliminate bacteria and microbes from them. To get it, you just have to spend 39.99 euros.

For grill lovers, this multi-use grill from Lidl will undoubtedly make them happy. With a surface of 25 x 15 cm, you will have no problem grilling your meats and fish. A very practical equipment that you can have for only 19.99 euros. From now on, you can make your barbecues without too much difficulty.

That’s not all yet, at Lidl you can also find this electric slicer. Now you won’t have to worry about cutting your loaves. Whether during your breakfasts or even at tea time, this one will always be essential for you. At only 39.99 euros, you could have it at home.

Lidl: Your kitchen will be well equipped!

Currently at Lidl, there is also this multifunction robot. As practical as it is essential, this kitchen equipment will help you enormously in your preparations. Indeed, with its several functions, you can prepare almost everything in just a short time. To have this very powerful device, plan to pay only 24.99 euros.

Finally, there is this multifunction mandolin that Lidl has selected especially for you. Equipped with several functions, it will be of great use to you during your preparations. With it, cutting your vegetables will be child’s play. Besides, you only need to spend 12.99 euros to buy it. From now on, all you have to do is visit the brand’s stores to properly equip your kitchen.

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