These new products will allow you to easily cook delicious Mediterranean dishes

We recently discovered the food products of the AI’Fez brand that highlight Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, and we were completely charmed! The products are not only of very high quality, but they are also very practical for weeknights when meal preparation has to go a little faster.

The product line includes sauces, pastes, marinades and side dishes made with spices imported from the Middle East and North Africa. All products are free of artificial colors and flavors and are completely suitable for people who follow a vegetarian diet.

AI’Fez wants to discover another part of Mediterranean cuisine that does not come from Greece or Italy! Indeed, foods from countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon can also be considered Mediterranean cuisine.

Products like marinades will be just perfect for the summer season that is just beginning! Moreover, AI’Fez is currently organizing a contest allowing you to win up to $1500 in cash, so take the opportunity to discover new products soon!

Apricot and coriander sauce

Credit: Al’Fez

This tomato sauce is highly aromatic and slightly sweet. It will go wonderfully with chicken, lamb or vegetables. It can be used as a cooking sauce, as a base for stews and as a topping sauce.

Moroccan Meatball Sauce

Credit: Al’Fez

Here’s another sauce that will be perfect to use in a variety of recipes! It has a tomato base and is seasoned with a mixture of spices that is both spicy and delicate.

Natural tahini

Credit: Al’Fez

This tahini is a premium quality 100% Humera sesame seed paste. The seeds are roasted in order to release all their flavor and they are then ground in order to obtain a creamy and rich in taste paste. Tahini can be used in many ways; it can be served as such as a dip, incorporated into salad dressings, and used as a base ingredient for hummus and baba ganoush.

Harissa paste

Credit: Al’Fez

Harissa paste has a pungent taste which comes from the mixture of chili pepper, tomatoes and garlic. It is used to add spice and flavor to stews, soups and tagines.

Marinade Shawarma

Credit: Al’Fez

Notice to shawarma lovers, this marinade will allow you to recreate this delicious dish to perfection! It can be used with a wide variety of meats and will be ideal for barbecues this summer.

Marinade Shish Taouk

Credit: Al’Fez

Find the delicious taste of shish taouk with this marinade prepared to perfection. The marinade is tomato based and enhanced with a blend of garlic, ginger, paprika and other tasty spices. Use it with your chicken grills this summer!

Tabbouleh with Lebanese spices

Credit: Al’Fez

Al’Fez offers a few ready-to-use mixes, like this one which is perfect for creating a delicious Mediterranean salad. Just add cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes and feta. Other ingredients such as mint or olives will spice it up.

Couscous with Moroccan spices

Credit: Al’Fez

This couscous is really easy to prepare and it will give you a flavorful accompaniment with North African spices and embellished with pine nuts and Sultana raisins. Personalize your couscous by adding flavored oils or a simple squeeze of lemon.

Lebanese Style Falafel Mix

Credit: Al’Fez

This mix allows you to prepare your own falafels in the comfort of your home. Once ready, these falafels can be put into a wide variety of tasty recipes!

Moroccan Spice Flatbread Mix

Credit: Al’Fez

This mix makes it easy to make your own flatbreads! Just add water and cook them. You can then use them as an accompaniment to your Mediterranean-inspired recipes.

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