They use the name of his dog for their baby… And want to force him to change it

We had already heard of first name theft between future parents, never between future parents and future dog owners. However, this is what happened for a man, whose sister-in-law and brother-in-law fell for the first name he planned to give to his little ball of fur. In addition to having used it, they wanted to forbid him to use it, then demanded that he change it!

Parents-to-be decide to use his dog’s name

In a Reddit post spotted by the Mirror, this man explains that he and his wife have several cats. Recently, they decided to adopt a dog to fulfill his dream, after discussing it for years. So far so good. But things took an unexpected turn when his wife and husband’s sister visited three months ago. “[Ils] were with us and at the time she was 8 months pregnant with a baby boy. They already have a daughter so this is their second child. They hadn’t chosen a name for him at that time.”he says.

“At one point in the conversation, I tell them that I was finally going to have a dog, but who always wanted one and never had one as a child. […] My wife was very happy that I finally had my dog. I mentioned I was going to call him Merlin. I’ve had that name in mind for him since I was a kid.”, he recalls. At that moment, the future parents look at each other with wondering eyes and say that they love this name before asking if they can use it for their baby: “I said there was no problem, but I’ll call my dog ​​that, so they know. They got mad and told me not to because the son is more important”. It’s damn cheeky! That they use that name, fine, but trying to forbid him to do so and saying that their child matters more is selfish in that he first spoke about it and has had it in his mind since he was a child. Especially since the baby may be more important to them, but for him it is the dog that is more important.

This is what he tried to tell them: “I said we don’t care if they both have the same first name. He’s just a dog, I thought of that first and had it in my head when I was a kid “. But future parents did not hear it that way. “They basically forbade me from calling my future dog Merlin”says the man.

They won’t let him see his nephew if he doesn’t change the dog’s name

Thus, when their baby was born, the parents did indeed give him the first name Merlin. When, a month after the birth of his nephew, this man adopted a German shepherd from a shelter, he also called him Merlin. “I posted pictures of Merlin on the internet and immediately started getting text messages from my sister-in-law and her husband telling me to rename my dog. My wife and I think it’s silly that they be upset, especially since I wanted to use that first name”he explains.

The problem is that the young parents are stubborn in their idea and even blackmail the couple. “They refuse to come or see us to see their son Merlin until I have officially changed my dog’s name. My wife and I refuse to rename him. We are 100% sure not to change his name “, says this man. On the forum, Internet users believe that they are right and that the sister-in-law and brother-in-law are exaggerating: “No one owns a name. They knew you were going to name your dog that and decided to give their child that name”responds one person. “They are very childish and selfish. You finally made your dream come true and thought of that name first”, adds another. While a forum user tries to temper: “I think they overreact, I think both can have that first name and it’s not that strange. But either way you wanted to use it first so they can’t blame you” . In any case, it is too late to change: both the child and the dog have had time to get used to their first name, and changing it would be disturbing for both of them.

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