This low-cost kitchen equipment will surely be very useful for you this September!

It is a new product that Lidl offers from the 15th of this month. With this one, you will no longer have to worry about preparing your soups!

Whatever happens, don’t miss this offer from Lidl. From September 15, 2022, the brand is offering a new product that will be essential for you in the kitchen.

From now on, you won’t have to waste a lot of time to prepare your soups with this one. The details !

Lidl: Making soups will no longer be a problem with this appliance!

During the summer, Lidl did not stop impressing its customers with its very attractive offers. And this, by offering them products that are as practical as they are essential. Whether it’s kitchen equipment or household appliances, the German brand thinks of everything. Especially since the brand is renowned for its goal of finding new ways to Make life easier.

Lately, consumers have surely noticed that Lidl has specialized in several areas. Indeed, the supermarket chain is no longer content to stay in food. This is how its customers were able to appreciate the very trendy fashion items and even beauty products. Apparently, the big sign decides to go further.

For this new school year, Lidl has everything planned. Knowing the difficulties that households have to face during this period, the brand did not sit idly by. Currently, low-cost school supplies are already available in the brand’s stores. Starting with themagic slate very hi-tech that the brand has recently offered.

With the start of the school year, we will surely not have time to prepare meals as during the holidays. Which Lidl also noticed apparently. This is why the German brand is going to make this new promotion. Indeed, it is a product that will save you time behind the stoves that the brand offers. With this article from the brand, you will have good soups in record time.

This product will be indispensable in the kitchen!

During this month of September, you will enjoy preparing your smoothies or even your homemade compotes. By using this blender robot from Lidl, everything will be easy for you. Indeed, we are talking here about the model Heated Blender by Silver Crest that the brand will offer for its customers. A kitchen item that will surely be indispensable to you.

In terms of performance, this Lidl heated blender cannot disappoint you. Indeed, this model will mix all your preparations and keep them warm at the same time. With its four automatic programs, the whole family will enjoy it. In addition to that, its properties will surely suit all your needs.

Indeed, this heating blender from Lidl has a power of 100 to 800 Watts depending on the programs you choose. With this, its stainless steel bowl can hold up to 1.6 liters of preparation. You will have a wide choice for your menus. Especially since there is also a recipe book that will accompany this kitchen equipment.

Apparently, this device from Lidl is available in the brand’s stores from this September 15, 2022. Aficionados are surely eager to get this highly sophisticated kitchen equipment. And this, not only on the fact that it is essential but also because of its price. You will surely be surprised to hear the latter.

Lidl: How much does this high-performance blender cost?

As always, nothing is very expensive at Lidl. Obviously, this Lidl heated blender is no exception to the rule. In addition to this, the German brand is currently promoting this article. Either way, you can only get a bargain. Instead of 44.99 euros, this kitchen equipment will be sold for €34.99. With current inflation, saving 10 euros is surely a lot.

Of course, at Lidl, all products sell like hotcakes. Suffice to say that this household appliance from the brand will not stay on the sales shelves for long. Which also means that you should not waste time if you want to have yours. What is certain is that the out of stock won’t be long.

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