tips to reduce the bill!

Auto insurance is one of the mandatory expenses when owning a vehicle. Often too expensive, here’s how to lower the bill!

With the start of the new school year coming up, your budget for the car probably faded into the background. And with a fuel price which always remains high, it is difficult to make ends meet!

But it is possible to make some savings, such as with your car insurance.

Here are some tips to lower your bill.

Play the competition!

For the moment, it is a law that is little known to motorists. Indeed, since 2015 the Hamon law facilitates the termination of a contract with an insurer.

After one year, the insured can break the contract on which he is committed without fearing the slightest penalty. The law thus aims to intensify competition and lower the price of contracts. Moreover, it is estimated that 20% of policyholders use this mechanism to terminate their contract each year.

Since this law, you are free to canvass the competition to find the best contract with the best price. You can also negotiate with your current insurer to match the price offered by the competition. In the best case, your insurer will even offer you a commercial gesture to avoid losing a contract.

Prioritize safety criteria for your car

When you take out an auto insurance contract, it is essential to meet the maximum criteria requested by the insurers.

By meeting all the criteria, you will be able to make great savings! Here are the important criteria to meet:

  • have an individual garage (boxing, private individual garage)
  • or park in a private covered collective garage
  • or park in a private uncovered collective garage

In general, you should avoid indicating that your vehicle is parked in public garages (even covered ones) or on the street.

It is also worth mentioning if your parking space is video-monitored. Some insurers value this type of installation.

Opt for low-risk cars

We don’t often think about it, but some car models are stolen more often than others.

To lower your bill, you can avoid models that are more likely to be stolen. Indeed, insurers adapt their prices to the sad ranking of the most stolen vehicles.

Here is an AutoPlus file on the subject.

Stay vigilant on commercial offers

You can also try to monitor current commercial offers from your insurer.

It starts when the contract is signed. Do not hesitate to ask your insurer what are the commercial offers that are in effect at that time. These offers are often offered in the first year of the contract and can lower the price of the invoice. Thus, by terminating your contract each year, you can benefit from significant savings.

Finally, also stay alert to the offers put forward by your insurer to attract other customers. Even if your contract has already been signed, in many cases, you can claim the offer. Insurers won’t necessarily notify you, so it’s important to stay informed.

Consolidate your contracts with the same insurer

If you want to negotiate an auto insurance contract at the best price, it is therefore recommended to bundle other contracts such as home insurance or that of another vehicle present in the household.

Thus, the insurer will be able to offer you either a global formula, or a commercial offer on one of the policies that you bring to him!

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Avoid reporting small claims

Finally, it may seem paradoxical when you pay every month for an insurance contract, but it is not not always beneficial to report small claims. Even if it is normally mandatory!

Minor damage means scratches on the bodywork, small glass breakages or a broken headlight. If you notify your insurer, this will penalize your bonus coefficient.

It is therefore sometimes more interesting to pay for the repair yourself, rather than to involve the insurer.

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