To monitor your home, Google’s connected camera at -25% is a good deal

If you had already thought about opting for a connected solution to monitor your home, know that the Google Nest Cam surveillance camera is becoming more affordable today from 99.99 euros to 74.98 euros.

Google Nest Cam (Indoor | Wired)

Connected cameras are on the rise, and some manufacturers are offering good, increasingly diversified solutions. This is the case of Google, which released the wired Nest Cam, a connected camera under 100 euros that focuses on the essentials, yet with a complete technical sheet to effectively monitor the surroundings of your home. It does not require investing a large sum, especially now that it is displayed 25 euros cheaper.

What to remember about the Nest Cam

  • A small, easy-to-install wired camera
  • Films in 1080p, even at night and HDR compatible
  • It can easily connect with other brand devices

Usually at 99.99, the wired Google Nest Cam connected camera is currently on sale at 74.98 euros on the Boulanger and Amazon site, i.e. 25% immediate discount.

A discreet and easy-to-install camera

Aesthetically, Google’s Nest Cam Indoor (wired) has a minimalist appearance with a white coating like Nest products. Its rounded shape will take up very little space, and if you want to move it, its lightness will make things very easy. It can therefore easily be camouflaged in your interior, whether placed on a piece of furniture, but also be installed on the wall or ceiling using the fixings and screws provided.

Its installation is easy since you just have to plug it into an outlet, and follow the steps to configure it. Then you have to install the Google Home application which allows you to have a remote video feedback of what is happening at home, or to be able to alert you in the event of an intrusion.

Sharp image quality

This model offers a Full HD definition, i.e. 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It is true that other references on the market are capable of recording videos in 2K, but here the image quality is most suitable. It has a wide field of vision of 135° to see what is happening in the room. Its motorized head allows you to travel the entire area and, via the application, it is possible to change the orientation. The vision is good during the day, it is also good at night since it also supports HDR. Google even offers a 6x zoom to be able to see further more precisely, such as the license plate of a car or the face of an individual.

Thanks to the integration of AI, the camera is also able to detect movements, and to differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, and only sends you relevant alerts in the application to avoid false alarms. From the application, you will be able to have a remote video feedback of what is happening at home from your smartphone, or to consult the video history (up to 10 days).

Finally, you should know that the camera fits perfectly into the Google ecosystem and offers to make the Bluetooth gateway with other brand objects. You’ll even be able to display video feedback on your Nest Hub, or call on Google’s voice assistant to show you what’s going on at home.

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