Top 4 reasons to work in the insurance industry

The insurance sector is teeming with professional opportunities. Variety of profiles and assignments, incentive to work-study, inclusion and diversity… Atlas and France Assureurs present 4 good reasons for you to choose the insurance business.

1: Work in a dynamic and diverse sector

Are you drawn to numbers or the law, new technologies or human relations? You want to feel useful and have a job that makes sense! Thanks to the diversity of professions on offer, the insurance sector will satiate your professional appetite.

Despite a sometimes unglamorous reputation, the insurance sector does not limit itself to analyzing figures all day long. Indeed, between the human dimension inseparable from the customer relationship and missions that require technical, legal and digital skills, boredom is not likely to knock on your office door.

This is emphasized by Lucie, a 1st year BTS insurance student: ” What I like best about insurance is the human dimension and advice. I want to help people. »

2: Open up to exciting professions

Insurance professions call on various skills and abilities, and in particular: a sense of customer service, agility, creativity, curiosity, the ability to adapt, the ability to listen and cooperate, written and oral expression, motivation. This is the case for example:

  • the insurance lawyer: this professional’s mission is to intervene in the resolution of claims covered by the insurance contract, to draft and negotiate conventional agreement protocols and to assist the insured in its procedures. Relational, editorial, listening and empathy are the main qualities to develop to become an excellent professional.
  • the insurance inspector: this professional is a salesperson. Its role: to develop a turnover by leading a distribution network. Its mission is to offer the most appropriate insurance guarantees to its customers, and to support the policy of its insurance company. Availability, listening and interpersonal skills are the basis of skills to find your place in this job.

Discover in video these exciting missions:

3: Build your career through work-study

Work-study contracts are an excellent springboard for maximizing your chances of quickly entering the job market. Indeed, the work-study program is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the professional world, to create bridges between theory and practice and to refine your orientation.

According to figures from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration, these hybrid contracts are on the rise: between 2019 and 2021, the number of work-study students doubled, from 350,000 to almost 700,000.

And the insurance sector is following this trend: out of 100 hires in the insurance sector, 25 result from apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

Since a testimony is always more telling than numbers, discover the cross interview of Léna, alternating in the first year of BTS, and James, her tutor at Matmut:

4: Evolve in an inclusive sector

The heart of the insurance business is to prevent risks in order to protect individuals and companies in the event of a claim. It is therefore a sector that is as close as possible to people, where quality of service, listening skills and commitment are the key words.

In addition, the insurance sector has become an example to follow in terms of the inclusion of women and workers with disabilities. This is demonstrated in particular by the following figure: 60% of insurance professionals are women.

This is the result of a proactive policy led by France Assureurs, which is illustrated by the signing, in February 2021, of a framework agreement with trade unions to promote co-education, diversity and the fight against discrimination.

Do you plan to work in the insurance industry? To find out all about its exciting missions, go to, the portal dedicated to insurance professions.

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