Top 5 things to know before buying a used car

Between the various car offers and the scams circulating, finding a used car is not always an easy task. Do you want to buy a second-hand vehicle? delivers the top 5 things to know before buying a used car !

1/ Define your needs

Rather city car, sedan or minivan? Petrol or diesel? First of all, it is important to define your needs and the use what you will do with your used car.

Also consider the mileage issue. Indeed, if you intend to drive your car a lot, it is better to opt for a model that displays few kilometers on the odometer.

Do not rush ! Take the time to think about and compare different used cars before buying one.

2/ Set your budget

You have surely already set a price range for your next car purchase. But you also have to think about long-term expenses and to vehicle maintenance.

For example, the price of a used car that runs on diesel is more expensive than a model that runs on gasoline. However, in the long term, the diesel model is more profitable because it consumes about 15% less than a gasoline engine and wears out less quickly.

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3/ Examine the condition of the used car

Unlike a new car, a used car has already had one or more previous owners. So be sure to examine his general conditionas well inside and outsideas well as its history via the maintenance log or invoices.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The bodywork;
  • Tires and spare wheel;
  • The windscreen ;
  • The bumper;
  • Fires ;
  • Battery ;
  • Engine ;
  • Oil, coolant and brake fluid level;
  • The odometer;
  • Accessories (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.).

Keep in mind that this is not a new car: mechanical problems and auto repair costs can therefore arise quickly!

4/ Check the documents provided by the seller

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You can buy your used car from a professional or from an individual. In any case, certain documents must be given to you. Remember to examine them carefully.

If you buy your used vehicle from a professional

The professional must provide you with the following documents when buying the used car:

  • The order form with the following information: the date of the first entry into service, the mileage travelled, the price, the delivery deadline, the method of payment;
  • The technical inspection certificate of less than 6 months for vehicles over 4 years old;
  • The transfer certificate;
  • The registration certificate;
  • The certificate of non-pledge, also called certificate of administrative situation.

If you buy your used vehicle from a private individual

The individual must give you the following documents:

  • A document that mentions the identity of the seller;
  • The payment invoice;
  • The transfer certificate;
  • The registration certificate
  • The non-pledge certificate;
  • The vehicle’s maintenance booklet and invoices;
  • The technical inspection certificate less than 6 months old for vehicles over 4 years old.

5/ Try the car before buying it

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The purchase of a car being an investment, it is in your interest to test drive it before to make sure it suits you.

You can then check that the used car parts work and that there is no leaks, vibrations or suspicious noises when driving. Also pay attention to the clutch, gears, braking and any alerts displayed on the dashboard.

In general, it is advisable to test drive the used car for at least 15 minutes.

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