until May 15 for files

Studentsdo not wait any longer to constitute and send your Student Social File (DSE) : the deadline for editing and sending your application is May 15! But how to do it ? Here are the instructions for applying for scholarships and student accommodation (CROUS).

Compile your Student Social File (DSE): deadline May 15

Only a few days left to compile your EHR for the 2022-2023 academic year. This deadline applies to students making their first scholarship and student housing applications. But first we have to answer some criteria :

  • be under 28;
  • be enrolled in a course that can receive scholarship students ;
  • correspond to certain income levels (check your eligibility on the CROUS scholarship simulator);
  • not be disabled, engaged in the army or perform civic service: in this case, the terms change.

First step to build your file: create an account on the dedicated site. If your account is already created, just log in with your username and password. “If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one with your INE (national student identification) number. This number can be found on your student card or on the baccalaureate registration confirmation form, ”says Service-Public. Also note that if you have already been registered on Parcoursup during the last 4 years, your account is already created.


Supporting documents for the DSE

Once your EHR has been created, you will receive a application submission confirmation email. You will then have 8 calendar days to return it with the following supporting documents:

  • your school certificates as well as those of your brothers and sisters if they are students;
  • your tax advice 2021 on the income received in 2020, as well as that of your parents.

Note that depending on your family situation, thetax advice to be provided differs. Here is a recap:

  • married or PACS parents: tax number of the parents;
  • unmarried or non-pacsed parents: tax opinion of both parents;
  • parents separated without judgment: tax opinion of both parents;
  • separated parents with judgment: complete separation judgment for any first request and tax opinion of the parent(s) having your custody;
  • divorced parents: complete separation judgment for any first request and tax opinion of the parent(s) having your custody;
  • parents separated without judgment, a single parent making you tax dependent: opinion (on which you appear) of the parent who is supporting you and tax opinion of the other parent.

An essential file to be eligible for scholarships and student accommodation

The conditional notification of grant award or rejection will normally reach you no later than July. As a reminder, the amounts of the scholarships are indexed between levels 0 bis and 7. They varied between 1042 euros and 5736 euros per year for the 2021-2022 academic year, i.e. between 104.20 euros and 573.6 euros per month on the 10 months it is collected.

As to student housing applications, they are also carried out after validation of your DSE. Once your file has been validated, you will receive an email to send your accommodation wishes (4 maximum). Proposals for accommodation in university residences are made every week between June 14 and July 5.

Rest assured, if you send your file after May 15, it can be examined and processed. However, you risk receiving the scholarship deferred.

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