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In Cambodia, perhaps even more than elsewhere, the need to be well insured against life’s accidents is essential. AG Cambodia meets this need with more than 15 years of experience. spoke with David Treal, the founder and director of AG Cambodia to talk to us about insurance solutions in Cambodia and the interest of contacting a broker. This interview is the first in a series of reports devoted to insurance that we will present each month for our dear readers.

Hello David, what differentiates an insurance broker from an insurer?

An insurance broker works for his client, defines his needs and provides him with tailor-made insurance solutions. Our job is to analyze your risk and advise you on coverage that takes into account all its aspects with knowledge of practice and customs in Cambodia.

We have access to the entire market and compare the appropriate solutions for you with insurers, which allows you to take out a reliable contract at the best price with quality service. We then take care of the management of your contracts and provide our claims assistance, which remains the heart of our business.

In the event of a claim, should the insurer be contacted directly or do you provide claim assistance?

Our priority is the customer’s peace of mind in order to provide support in the stressful moments following a disaster. Our French-speaking team provides dedicated assistance 24/7 to all our customers. In the event of an accident or emergency, our office receives requests directly to provide an immediate response and take charge of the claim by maximizing the guarantees of the contract. We ensure that the claim is paid by the insurer as soon as possible and provide complete assistance, from the collection of documents to reimbursement or treatment in hospitals.

What are the most common risks you insure in Cambodia?

Needs vary for individuals or businesses. We provide solutions for all situations from health, vehicle or home insurance for individuals to All-Risk Fire, Civil Liability, RC Pro, Construction Insurance or Operating Loss insurance for companies, to name a few examples of our solutions. .

Health insurance remains the number one insurance need for expatriate families. Auto insurance is the second need knowing that the risk of accident on the roads in Cambodia is very high. Finally, home insurance is also very useful to protect your house or apartment.

How to choose the right health insurance in Cambodia?

French people who settle in Cambodia no longer benefit from social security, so it is necessary to take out insurance with international solutions that allow you to take care of hospitalization all over the world and to reimburse your medical expenses during your expatriation. .

It is important to be well advised in the choice of your health coverage because the guarantees vary from one contract to another and it is necessary to ensure that you have a contract which has a guaranteed renewal with a shared contribution in order to take charge of your long-term illness. It is necessary to be vigilant on the conditions of the contract which sometimes exclude chronic diseases or propose very low ceilings which could not cover expensive hospitalizations.

After advising on a suitable contract, we intervene to provide local assistance in order to establish hospitalization costs and organize medical evacuations with insurance companies. We follow up on refund requests for prompt refunds.

For more than 15 years, we have been there to offer lasting solutions and provide effective assistance to cover your medical care needs in real time.

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