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[Article partenaire] The health insurance system in the United States is very different from the French system. It is sometimes complicated to understand the operation and the terms used by insurers when you are a stranger to them. It is therefore recommended to be accompanied in your steps in order to obtain as much transparency as possible on the operation of your contract.

Reminder of the complexity of the American healthcare system

In the United States, your health insurance can be provided by your employer as part of a group contract (compulsory for companies with more than fifty employees), or it is up to everyone to take out their own health cover with private insurance companies. In this case, you have the choice between two types of contracts:

  • The contracts ACA compliant (“ Affordable Care Act “) better known asObamacare : they offer a minimum of compulsory guarantees without ceilings and without medical selection. They are accessible for American citizens and on proof of visa for foreigners. They are mandatory in some states.
  • The IPMI contracts (“ International Private Medical Insurance ») : they are reserved for people of non-American nationality (or dual nationality). They offer coverage adapted to each need and a medical selection is made. They are generally more affordable.

Note: “ACA compliant” contracts generally include a deductible, a “co-payment” and a “coinsurance”, all within the limit of the maximum “out of pocket” (OOP) but have no guarantee limits. .

IPMI contracts offer more flexibility and simplicity in operation but may exclude certain guarantees and may have reimbursement ceilings.

Added value of the broker specializing in health insurance

As a French or foreigner living in or leaving for the United States, you therefore have the choice between a multitude of contracts. In order to opt for the solution that best suits your needs (medical history or not, specific maternity, dental, optical needs, etc.), a broker specializing in health insurance such as AgoraExpat will provide you with help and advice. lighting needed among all available offers. AgoraExpat makes it a point of honor to communicate closely with the client to provide him with personalized advice, as close as possible to his needs.

Indeed, his knowledge of the local and international market is an asset in obtaining an offer adapted to your expectations. In addition, the specialized broker will save you valuable time by comparing the most advantageous contracts for you. The service provided by AgoraExpat does not generate any additional costs for the customer. AgoraExpat’s remuneration is made directly by the insurance companies with which partnerships have been established. There is therefore no difference, in terms of price, between going through AgoraExpat and going directly to the insurer.

In addition, compared to online insurance comparators, the differentiating criterion of AgoraExpat is really the dimension of advice. As a broker, he asks the right questions to policyholders, which helps guide them effectively in their choice.

AgoraExpat’s teams are themselves made up of French expatriates and are therefore perfectly familiar with the problems of their clients.

AgoraExpat is recognized as the key player in preparing for and optimizing your expatriation to the United States and around the world.

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