Vendée: she cooks raw all year round

At 43, Céline Sellier created her small business, Tout crue, and offers culinary workshops in raw cuisine. ©Lucile AKRICH

After fifteen years spent as an executive in public administration, Céline Sellier wanted to change everything.

Rhythm saturation of life, awareness, desire for independence and of freedom : for all these reasons, it took a 360° turn.

“I also had a health problem which led me to undergo more and more extensive examinations at the hospital. »

For a moment, I wondered about how to take into account his body, his rhythm, his needs and re-examine my diet to get better.

Céline Sellier, founder of Tout crue

“When there is Gruyère pasta on the table”

This very personal approach leads him to the naturopathyand in this discipline, raw food.

Today, I eat raw fruits and vegetables all year round.

Celine Sellier

Céline didn’t get there overnight.

It took a whole process of questioning and above all, a lot of reading, testing and experimentation before making it a whole way of life.

Moreover, the philosophy of this mother of three children is not unanimous at home. “My two teenage girls aged 13 and 15 don’t eat like me! And when there’s Gruyère pasta on the table, it’s hard to measure up to my raw diet, for my 4-year-old son! smiled the young woman.

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Not sectarian, then. But determined in her choice.

Raw cooking workshops

After three years of break, the Yonnaise since 2015, arrived in Vendee thanks to a transfer, created his microbusiness at the beginning of the year : All raw.

She offers culinary workshops to learn how to cook raw, but also the services of small caterer for associations or individuals.

And end in parallel naturopath training.

Find vitality

On the living room table that day, Céline cooked a carrot tabbouleh with parsley, mint, raisins and pistachios with sprouted seeds; tagine-style lacto-fermented vegetables; a mango cream with sunflower seeds and a dehydrated coconut cake, coconut milk, shia seeds, dehydrated buckwheat and spirulina.

All washed down with vegetable juice.

Exit starches and meat, “it’s full of toxins,” she says.

In this vegetarian diet and quite radical, it is “curiosity, creativity and a taste for flavors and textures” that guided Céline to create her own recipes.

She seeks taste originality, but also well-being, “better digestion” and “rediscovered vitality for body and mind.” »

“With this meal, it’s over the stroke after lunch! she promises.

“I know it’s offbeat and not everyone is ready for this diet, she admits, but I find it very creative and above all, very good. »

Crusine workshops on October 2 and 6 (daily crusine), November 11 and 17 (world crusine) and December 11 and 15 (raw pastry) at La Smala restaurant in La Roche-sur-Yon. 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday. Tout flood Facebook page or on 06 84 42 50 53, [email protected]

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