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Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – The “Food Festival – Saigontourist Delicious Food 2022” is taking place from August 25 to 28 in Van Thanh tourist area, Ho Chi Minh City, highlighting culinary quintessence from Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine has the honor hinh anh 1A gastronomic event organized by Saigontourist. Photo:

The event, which is open to the public from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., allows visitors to experience Vietnam’s national culinary culture, traditional villages as well as various cultural, artistic and folk genres.

“The aim is to create a space for domestic and international tourists to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, experience Vietnamese culture and also celebrate the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Saigontourist,” said Pham Huy Binh, chairman of the Council of members of Saigontourist.

“Through the party, we hope to contribute to the revival of tourism in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the country in general. In this context of a new normal, the gastronomy is one of the advantages of Saigontourist“, he added.

Culinary promotion of the three regions

About 30 member units representing 4-5 star hotels, resorts and restaurants under the Saigontourist Group showcased 300 typical local dishes and drinks to honor the quintessence of traditional and artisanal cuisine from the three regions.

This key idea is vividly expressed through the presentation of the culinary space with stalls designed in three groups North – Center – South. The stalls present and sell specialties and delicacies according to each region, display typical ingredients, traditional craft villages… The event also promotes the introduction of new dishes and drinks to meet the needs of customers who demand green quality, clean and healthy.

Coming to the group of stalls in the North, visitors have the opportunity to taste a collection of typical specialties such as vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp sauce, cha côm (young sticky rice and minced pork mixed and fried), nem (spring roll) with crab, pho gà (chicken soup), vermicelli with grilled fish, sour meat from Thanh Son (Phu Tho), sticky rice and fried cuttlefish mince from Ha Long… Equally tempting are the specialties of the North-West region such as grilled chicken, grilled pork with mac mast leaves (Clausena indica), grilled meat with bamboo tubes, or rice with bamboo tubes. bamboo.

The group of stalls in the Center region invites diners with many delicious dishes and the bold flavors of Nghê An such as eel soup, eel sausage, fried fresh fish. The delicious dishes from the Quang Binh region are definitely a must, such as Quang noodles, Nam Ô herring salad, vermicelli with pork and fermented fish sauce, spring roll, sautéed Asian clams and leaf of sesame rice.

Phu Yen province wins over visitors with tuna specialties, such as sautéed tuna, salt and pepper grilled tuna, tuna cooked with basil leaves and sour bamboo shoots. Binh Thuan delicacies include fish vermicelli, herring nem, duck meat pancakes. The cuisine of the Central Highlands brings the flavors of the forest such as charcoal-grilled chicken, grilled ethnic pork skewers, beef jerky accompanied by a mixture of salt and yellow ants.

Many attractive programs

Going south, the cuisine of the sunny and warm lands will retain visitors with rustic dishes with the taste of the Mekong Delta such as shrimp salad with seaweed and rice cake, crispy perch salad, avocado salad, vermicelli in fermented fish sauce, fried snails with coconut, grilled snails with pepper.

Southern cuisine is also attractive with countless snacks such as Cân Tho pandan leaf rice flan, banh xèo (stuffed pancakes) and banh khot (mini savory pancakes). The fresh seafood dishes of Côn Dao and Phu Quôc also attract diners. The delicious street food of Saigon also brings its own brand, with spring rolls, chicken wings stuffed with chestnuts, sticky rice…

In addition, the festival organizes a Fisherman’s Village Seafood Market to which is added the Fisherman’s Village Food Court, seafood grills, steamed dishes and fried dishes.

Visitors can find a stall of snacks such as sweet soup of purple potato, corn, taro or sticky rice with five colors, sticky rice with pandan leaves and lotus seeds. At some stalls, visitors have the opportunity to admire and taste a collection of moon cakes of famous brands of Saigontourist prepared by Dông Khanh, Rex Saigon, Majestic Saigon, Continental Saigon, Saigon – Morin Huê hotels, etc. -CVN/VNA


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