Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite: a unique show car

The German manufacturer has unveiled a new show car, the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite: the electric SUV is inspired by the world of tuning to offer a unique look.

The Wolfsburg firm presents the show car Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite : a unique model made by the brand’s apprentices at the three Volkswagen sites in Saxony, in Zwickau, Dresden and Chemnitz. For one year, 14 of the best apprentice specialists worked on this project, to demonstrate their skills, creativity and responsibility, under the supervision of experts.

They thus worked on the design, the bodywork, the painting, as well as the technical commissioning. This is the eighth project of this type carried out since 2014: this year, the theme highlighted sustainability, with its vegan leather interior, but also global mobility, with its electric skateboard for the last meters of the user.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite: a unique style

The Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite is based on the new ID.5 GTX, which has an 82 kWh battery and a top speed of 180 km/h. On this basis, the apprentices brought their vision and skills in mechanics, bodywork and painting.

Aesthetically, the model has benefited from a complete body work : the wheel arches have been modified, the door sills have been widened, and the front and rear fenders have been adapted. A single paintingcombining matte and gloss, was made by drawing from the color chart of Lamborghini and Volkswagen, while its 22 inch forged aluminum wheels have been custom-shaped for an aggressive look.

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite: a durable interior

On board, there is a trim combining theAlcantara and vegan leather, which dress the cockpit, the steering wheel, the door trim and the roof lining. The seats and door trims were reworked by apprentice upholsterers, who created a full honeycomb pattern in orange stitching, while the project logo was embroidered on the front seatbacks.

The car also received a complete digital audio systemmade up of Gladen, Musway and Bang & Olufsen equipment: there are 10 amplifiers and a subwoofer, for a total power of 2,000 watts. In the trunk, there is a Teamgee H5 electric skateboardwhich is an ideal companion to cover the last meters separating the parking lot from the driver’s destination.

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Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Xcite: ambitious plans

Volkswagen Sachsen is the largest employer in the Land of Saxony, and trains between 130 and 160 young apprentices each year. Since 2014, apprentices at the three Volkswagen sites have carried out a unique car project each year, completely independently but with the support of five experienced project mentors.

The 14 young apprentices who took part in this year’s project are in 2th and 3th years of training as construction mechanics, process technicians, paint technicians, automotive mechatronics technicians, electronics technicians for automation, warehouse logistics operators and mechatronics technicians.

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