Welsh Corgi: 13 things to know about this dog breed

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the word “Corgi” has been on everyone’s lips. This adorable breed of dogs, who stole the heart of the Queen of England, may steal yours too. Here are 13 things to know about Welsh Cogis dogs.

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The Welsh Corgi means “dwarf dog”. They are small, elongated dogs with short legs and pointed ears. Many compare its appearance to that of a fox, particularly because of its facial features and the color of its hair.

13 things to know about the Welsh Corgi:

1. Queen Elizabeth II contributed to its popularity.

It’s impossible not to think of royalty when it comes to Corgis. During her life, Queen Elizabeth II had more than thirty Corgis. It was her father, King George VI, who gave her her first dog when she was a child. An unprecedented love affair then developed between this breed of dog and the queen.


2. The Corgi was used as a herding dog.

Originally, the Corgi had the ability to easily lead a herd. Over the years, many have become friends with this breed of dog, which has proven to be an excellent companion for everyday life.


3. There are two types of Corgis.

It is possible to find two varieties of this dog: the Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Welsh Corgi Cardigan. Although they are physically and psychologically similar, these two types of dogs are distinctive in a few ways.


4. The Corgi has a unique character.

The character of the Corgi is distinguished by its alertness and agility. Stubborn, but also very intelligent, this breed of dog requires tight and consistent supervision. He can even be insolent in some ways.

5. The Corgi is an active dog.

If, in the past, he was trained to organize the herds, it is in particular because of his passion. This little ball of energy needs to be challenged physically and psychologically to be happy. He loves playing games of agility and skill.

6. The coat of the Corgi can differ from dog to dog.

The coat of the Welsh Corgi can be of several colors. While some Corgis have a red, sandy or brown coat, others will approach a black or gray coat. It happens that they are two-colored or tricolored.


7. The Corgi loves children.

The Corgi cohabits well with children! Of a social and friendly nature, he turns out to be a very good companion for family life. However, as his temperament can be fiery, you must make sure to offer him strict supervision.


8. Gluttony is his greatest sin.

All Welsh Corgi owners agree that this dog is greedy. As he may have a tendency to obesity, you must make sure to offer him the right amount of food, in addition to ensuring that he has daily outings.

9. The Corgi originated in Wales.

According to historians, the Welsh Corgi originated in Wales, in the county of Pembroke. The first dog breeds appeared between the 9th and 10th centuries. Its popularity reportedly skyrocketed after the Queen of England adopted one.

10. The Corgi’s health is robust.

Both the Pembroke and the Cardigan possess good physical health. However, as they are purebred dogs, the Corgi can suffer from certain hereditary diseases, such as hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease or cutaneous asthenia. If given ideal living conditions, he can live up to 14 years.


11. Corgi barking can be disturbing.

Although the Corgi adapts well to city or apartment living, his barking can be an irritant. Particularly intuitive and reactive, he will tend to respond to a noise or an intrusion into his environment with barking.

12. Adaptation with other animals must be done early.

For a Corgi to adapt to the presence of another animal, this socialization must take place quite early in its education, due to its dominant temperament. After a while, he can acclimatize to the presence of another dog or cat in the house.


13. The Corgi is very affectionate.

If he has a little difficulty showing his affection to strangers, this is not at all the case with his masters. He tends to be loving and generous with these.


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