What is Google Ads? How it works ?

Today, almost everyone knows the search engine giant “Google”. The number of visits per month amounts to several hundred million. This number impressively shows how many users in France use the search engine to get relevant search results. Google is the undisputed market leader and also offers companies an excellent opportunity to position their products and services to the right target group. The Google advertising program, so that’s what Google Ads is. But what is it more exactly and how does it work? Explanations…

What are Google Ads ads?

Before understanding what Google Ads is, it is important to put things into perspective. You can find Google Ads text ads on Google Search, as well as on the results pages above and below the organic results listing.

There is room for four announcements. These are always marked with the words “Advertisement”. In technical jargon, these paid hits are correctly called SEA (Search Engine Advertising). They are also often called SEM (Search Engine Marketing). However, this is not entirely correct, because in addition to search engine advertising, SEM also includes the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization). SEO is for organic, unpaid Google search results that start below the ads section.

To improve your website’s ranking in organic results, you need to prepare it for search engines using a wide variety of measures (relevant content, internal and external links, good user navigation, etc.). These measures require a lot of know-how and time, and it often takes a long time before the SEO measures carried out are also noticed in the Google ranking. With Google Ads, on the other hand, you can improve your business’s visibility on Google in the relatively short term.

After understanding what Google Ads is, how does it work?

Users search for many things on Google, such as products, services, or other information, for a variety of reasons. For this, it is necessary to enter a search query on Google (this can be one or more words). You decide for which search queries your Google Ads ad should appear. In your Google Ads ad account, you specify not only ad text, campaign parameters, and more, but also the search terms your ad should appear for. Keyword selection is very crucial for the success of your campaign.

What search query does your target group enter to search for your service or product? With this question in mind, you need to select search terms, be present with your target group, avoid waste and therefore irrelevant clicks. There is also the option to limit ads regionally so that they are only displayed in certain cities, federal states or even countries. It is also possible to select a radius. If you don’t want your ads to show to users in certain locations, you can also exclude them individually.

In your Google Ads account, you have many other options to optimally configure your campaign. The ad scheduler helps you, for example, to show your ads only on certain days and times. You can also set the campaign start and end date individually.

If you also want your ads to show only on mobile devices, you can select this setting in the device type. As you can see, you can customize your campaign to fine tune your target group.

Once your campaign is complete and active, your ads will be displayed on Google. The position of the ad is redefined for each search query in a kind of auction and can therefore vary with each search query by a user. Ad rank is calculated based on ad budget and a Google-defined quality factor.

Ideally, the user feels so drawn to your ad text in their search intent that they click on it and land on the target page (in most cases, the company’s website or online store). line). This is how you direct visitors to your website, who you can ideally offer exactly what they are looking for on Google. You only incur costs when a user actually clicks on your ad; the simple insertion of the advertisement is however free. You set the maximum price per click (click price) that you are willing to pay in your account. Google never exceeds this value. Using a daily budget, you can also control your advertising budget. If the daily budget runs out, ads won’t run again until the next day.

Google Ads offers a good opportunity to present yourself in the short term for relevant search queries in the Google search network. Due to the possibility of regional limitation, this form of advertising is also particularly interesting for small and medium-sized businesses. Even on a small budget, you can succeed with Google Ads. Successful campaigns require time and know-how in terms of planning, placement, monitoring and optimization. Only then can campaigns be implemented effectively and profitably. If necessary, use the services of a Google Ads agency. Campaign managers are certified by Google and always up to date.

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