Who will be champion of the men’s second division?

On Friday June 10, Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12, the Royal Moroccan Handball Federation had called together the leaders of the regional leagues divided into three groups with the aim of allowing the winners of each group to go directly to National One.

Unfortunately, two clubs did not show up: Ittihad Tata in Safi and Mountada de Marrakech in El Jadida.

In group one, Jeunesse Atlas Ksiba, crowned leader beat Amal Guercif (38-31) and drew with Youssoufia Berchid (28-28).

The foals of Jabbari Mustapha, coach of Al Amal, were tougher than those of the president of CAYB, Mustapha Date (32-26).

In group two, Sinaoui Abdallah’s protégés from the Smara Derb Soltane club performed better against AREl Hajeb (37-34) and ahead of KAC (36-31).

Reda Zahmoune of KAC was able to win with difficulty in front of Abdeslem Syad of El Hajeb (28-25).

In group three, Yassine El Khoulali, president of the Hadari Tazi club is happy with the performance of his foals against Nejm Martil (30-27) and well against Rachad Oulad Berrehil (34-17).

The licensees of Hassan Boumli de Martil succeeded in front of the CROB (24-19)…

So AJ. Atlas Ksiba, Smara Derb Soltane and Al Hadari Tazi won their accession to National One and were called up to compete for the title of “champion” of the second division.

If we see the results of the first round matches, the two clubs that will have their say are CSDS and CHT.

Smara will count on its gunners Kaldy, Garwalne and Nachat. For Al Hadari, his strategists Khihal and Laffigh will try to win since his first match against the Smaris.

The matches will take place and again at the Brahim Tatoume hall according to the program below:
7:00 p.m.: CHT # CSDS
6:00 p.m.: AJAK #CHT
11:00 am: CSDS # AJAK

After the first round of the 2002-2003 category: W.Smara, AMF and FUS qualified for the finals

The FRMHB wants to take an interest and take care of the youth categories for this sports season 2021-2022.
She contacted the clubs and received their Confirmations. She started with the Male category 2002-2003.
The clubs that had confirmed were divided into three groups which played their first round on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June 2022.

Thus the Chaoui hall of Ksar Lakbir welcomed Ahli from Tangier, Tarajji Ouezzane, Chabab Al Kasri and the FUS.

ASCUHM, Al Wahda de Casa and Mountada Derb Soltane confronted the Brahim Tatoume room.

Note that the CSYEM has withdrawn.

Finally, CS Baâmrani Sidi Ifni, Amal Tiznit, Raja d’Agadir and Widad Smara met at the indoor hall of Guelmim.

Thus for the final phases scheduled for Thursday 30 June and Friday 1er July 2022 at the Tatoume room, we will find the heads of groups from the first round, in particular the Fath Union Sport of Rabat, the Mountada Fida Association.

Please note that the 2004-2005 category will meet on Sunday 26, Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June 2022.

Below are the results of the matches of the first round of this category 2002-2003:

Ksar Lakbir Group:
FUS# CJK 32-29
CESO # ATS 25-16.
FUS # ATS 38-21
CESO # CJK 16-19
FUS# CESO 43-41
ATS #CJK 9-17

Tatoume Group
AMF # CSAWC 42-24
AMF # ASCUHM 24-17

Guelmim Group
RCAM # CSBSI 36-21
CWS#AAT 37-24
RCMA # AAT 41-24
CWS CSBSI 32-18.

Second Division “Ladies”: Last day of “return” matches

The young girls playing in the second division have just completed their preliminary phases to make way for the leaders of the four groups to designate the champion of this season.

Unfortunately to report the general package of Nahdate Chabab Selouane.

For this day, Mobadarate Zaio did not hesitate to score more ahead of Annajm Aloujdi (37-10).

Estudiantès, Tarajji Ouezzane and Chabab Alkasri were unable to stop Nahdate Tanger (13-17), Club de Tanger (11-23) and Ahli de Tanger (16-47) respectively.


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