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From time to time, a very good product comes to light. Today, we wanted to talk to you about the Google Pixel 6a, a smartphone that combines many qualities and thus incorporates our recommendations.

8 /10

  • Stunning in picture for its price
  • Perfect software experience
  • Nice size and design
  • A suitable price

Available at €459 on Amazon

Google Pixel 6a: a smartphone for everyone

How to choose the right smartphone? This technological object that has become central to our lives spends a good part of the day – even night – in the palm of our palm. Suffice to say that it is preferable to have a suitable device, in line with our needs. However, there is now a plethora of references on the market, the releases one after the other at a pace that is sometimes difficult to follow. It is then necessary to spend time learning about each model, scouring the various tech sites, comparisons, tests and selections, looking for the rare pearl, to be sure not to be mistaken.

So when a smartphone that is really worth it points the tip of its nose, the editorial staff of Frandroid would like to let you know. Firstly because it’s always nice to be able to share a favourite, then because in this specific case, the Google Pixel 6a is a smartphone that can interest a wide audience.

We have also placed it without hesitation in two major guides:

But then, what is so special about this young Pixel? We take stock of the great strengths of this model and why we recommend it to you.

Google Pixel 6a back
The back of the Google Pixel 6a // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Why buy the Google Pixel 6a in 2022?

The Pixel 6a achieves the feat of having a perfect placement in the telephony market. Its various advantages make it essential for anyone looking for a smartphone for less than 500 euros.

For the picture

How to talk about the Pixel 6a without talking about photography? This is the worthy successor to its big brothers, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It thus greatly surpasses all other smartphones in its price range. This is undoubtedly its greatest strength, at a time when the camera is a determining element in the choice of a phone for many of us. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you — so might as well be a great one.

How does the Pixel stand out? First of all, thanks to the power of the algorithm developed by Google. The latter more than makes up for the lack of lenses and megapixels used by the phone. The Pixel 6a does not compromise: it is good in daytime photos, night photos, portraits, selfies, ultra-wide-angles… If you are the type to immortalize everything around you, it will be a treat for you. daily.

For the format

A phone is also an object, an object that you have in your hand or in your pocket. It must therefore be practical to use, easy to hold. The Pixel 6a brings it all together thanks to a mastered format, based on a 6.1-inch Oled screen. On the design side, it has everything good too – even if that remains of course a matter of taste. It is in line with the other Pixel 6s, with this black horizontal band which accommodates the photo modules. Here, however, it is much smaller, which makes everything lighter.

Google did not use Gorilla Glass protection for the back cover, so we will have to settle for the 3D thermoformed composite used (it’s plastic). Don’t worry, to the eye and to the touch, it’s very close to glass. It is certainly less resistant, but thanks to this, the phone is very light: only 178 grams, which contributes to a good grip. This Pixel will suit small hands.

Google Pixel 6a screen
The Google Pixel 6a screen // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Little more, it is sold in three different colors, “Pebble», «Coal” and “Sage“.

For software experience

Android and the Pixel 6a are both creations of Google. Pixels therefore benefit from a unique Android experience on the market as a whole. It is here Android 12 which is at the helm. You will be able to take advantage of the new features of Material You, starting with the Monet function which allows you to match the color palette of the interface to that of the wallpaper. In addition, a number of small features are specific to the Pixel 6 line, such as the Magic Eraser, which allows you to remove an element from a photo. In short, all this runs perfectly well and in use, the phone does not experience any slowdown.

Pixel 6a: the downsides to know

If the Pixel 6a turns with great fluidity, it is however not a power-level war lightning. Do not expect a gaming smartphone, it was not Google’s intention. The Tensor chip is certainly the same as in the big brothers, but it has been optimized differently. We also regret the cap at 60 Hz for screen refresh.

Regarding the other weak points, we cannot ignore the whole autonomy and battery part, which is clearly THE point of tension on this smartphone. Autonomy thus reaches just one day. This could have been compensated by a fast charge. We could expect 30 W, as for the other Pixels: this is not the case, since the phone supports a maximum of 18 W… knowing that the official charger is not provided in the box. But if autonomy is not a major criterion for you, you can go for it.

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