Why You Should Never Kill Spiders at Home?

However, I know not to kill them, because they are very useful.

I explain here why you should not crush a spider at home.

It was my grandmother who explained to me what they are really for.

Since I know that, I no longer eliminate them at home…

…even if I have to admit they still scare me as much as before.

Here is why you should never kill spiders at home. Look :

Because spiders eat mosquitoes

We may be afraid of spiders, but they are no less useful.

My grandmother even says that you have to keep at least one at home.

This is also the sign of a healthy home.

Why ?

Because they rid us of small insects.

Which ? Mosquitoes, parasites, fleas, bedbugs…

A real natural and safe insecticide.

To give you an idea, spiders gobble up 800 million tons of insects every year!

If they weren’t there, we would literally be infested with critters.

I grant you, it’s not a super pleasant company…

…but no longer having mosquitoes at home in summer is very pleasant!

So don’t pull out your vacuum cleaner hose, but let them live.

Moreover, some beliefs even say that they would be the sign of wealth to come…

You have now understood why they should not be killed.

However, we can keep them away without killing them, here’s how.

Because spiders are harmless to humans

A harmless spider on a sofa in a house

Poisonous spiders are rare in our latitudes…

Clearly, there is very little chance of finding a dangerous one in your home in France.

So don’t be afraid of being bitten.

It is not an aggressive animal.

It’s even quite the opposite!

She is discreet and will never attack a human on her own.

Only if you attack her or if she feels in danger does she bite.

Not to mention the fact, there’s very little chance of its fangs going through your skin.

So when we know all that, and all that it brings us in a house…

…we think twice before getting rid of it or worse, killing it!

How to keep a spider away from the house WITHOUT killing it?

spider on an old pink carpet

Although I understand the value of having a spider at home, I’m not a fan of the idea of ​​seeing it on the kitchen wall every morning.

So I looked for ideas to move them away from the main rooms.

A simple trick and put bunches of fresh mint on the ceiling.

As they hate this smell, they will not come to weave their web near the mint.

Another method: change her room using a jar and a sheet of paper.

I admit that I am unable to get close to it, so my companion is in charge.

He places the jar on the spider, then he slips the sheet of paper between the jar and the wall.

Finally, once the jar is “closed” with the paper, the spider is a prisoner. Just release it in the cellar or in a nearby woodpile.

But be careful, don’t throw it out to the wind.

Why ?

Quite simply because it needs certain living conditions to survive.

If it is a good predator of insects, it is also an easy prey for birds for example.

To throw her out is to sign her death warrant…

Your turn…

And you, do you usually leave spiders alone at home or not? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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