Will the FAF lose the battle before the International Court over the rematch of Algeria and Cameroon? – Algeria

Algerie Foot: Several media have recently announced the intention of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) to seize the International Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, to appeal what was considered a final decision of FIFA to refuse to replay the match between Algeria and Cameroon.

In this context, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrazak Sabbak, confirmed in press releases that the Algerian Football Federation “FAF” has received the response from its international counterpart, and that Algeria is committed to exercise its legal right, with reference to the filing of an expected case with the International Court.

Many felt that Sabbak’s statements, and the leaks from sources close to the “FAF”, concerning the decision to seize another case before the International Court, are a ray of hope for replaying the match between Algeria and Cameroon. , after international and then local media and Arab media confirmed that “FIFA” had definitively closed the file.

The most important question that looms large, after all of the above, is to what extent has the Court of Arbitration for Sport finally settled the case and does it have the legal tools to do so?

The battle of the “FAF” will be lost before the International Court

The site “El Watan-dz” has revealed shocking legal facts to all Algerians who still have a slight hope for the revenge of Algeria and Cameroon.

According to the website, the International Tribunal, with the content of the legal texts, does not have the jurisdiction to rule on the case of the match between the Algerian national team and its rival Cameroon, played in the last match. Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Continuing the above, the previous source said that the fact that the International Court of Arbitration for Sport does not have the power to finalize the case is clearly spelled out in the FIFA regulations.

Based on the content of article 58 of the FIFA regulations, the International Court does not hear appeals related to violations of the laws of the game of football, nor penalties of suspension for a period less than or equal to four matches or three months, with the exception of doping-related decisions.

The content of the Algerian protest file coincides with the content of the first part of article 58, since the body of the FAF disputed the performance of the referee Gassama, accusing him of having violated the result of the match, a point related to the violation of football laws, according to the report from the same source.

FAV cannot currently appeal
While talking about the upcoming call in the Algeria-Cameroon match affair, Algerian journalist Fouad Ismail revealed developments that completely contradict everything that has been aired before, after confirming that FIFA, according to the content of its laws, has not closed the file permanently so far.

Fouad Ismail confirmed, in a live broadcast on his personal page on the Facebook platform, on Tuesday evening, that “FAV” cannot go to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne to file the appeal, since he has not not received an official response. refusing to reconfront so far.

He added that the International Court will reject the appeal of the Algerian Football Federation, on the pretext that the file does not contain an official document from the International Gaming Federation, officially recognizing the refusal to repeat the match between Algeria and the Cameroon.


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