Within the insurance company Mutex (VYV group), a long-term fight for wages

They are asking for a general salary increase of 8 %, with a minimum of 250 euros. Almost a quarter of the staff of the insurance company Mutex were on strike on 2 June. While the VYV group to which the company belongs is shaken by the mobilizations for wages, the management of Mutex continues to turn a deaf ear. The employees are considering a new mobilization.

The fight for higher wages continues within the VYV group, the leading health and social protection mutual group. After a mobilization of the MGEN in February then that of the entire group on March 24, this time it was a quarter of the employees of the insurance company Mutex (600 employees) who went on strike, on June 2 indicates Fabien Roussel, FO union representative within the company, stating that this action has received the support of the federal insurance section of the FEC-FO.

The staff of the insurance company demands a general increase in wages to the tune of 8 %, with a minimum of 250 euros monthly. Nothing suprising.

No salary increase since 2018

Indeed, it has been four years since employees have experienced any improvement in their payroll. The last revaluation dates from 2018, and it was minimal, around 1 %, details the activist. Since then, only individual raises have been given, and again the amounts are ridiculous.

Faced with the refusal of the management to take into account the high inflation, the employees, who had declared themselves in favor of a new strike – after that of March – during an GA on May 17, therefore decided to gather on June 2. at the Mutex headquarters in Ch√Ętillon, near Paris. Employees working from home were asked to disconnect from the company network. This strike movement is meaningful in the insurance sector where the culture of mobilization is rather weak, even absentemphasizes Fabien Roussel.

While inflation forecasts show that it could be even stronger than currently in 2022, employees are demanding that management pay attention to the salary file. During the November NAO, I told the HRD that the government itself was asking companies to make an effort on salaries. I was told that the advisers were not the payers, which implied that this salary increase was not on the agenda, explains the union representative. However, the company made more than 22 million euros in profit last year. But no redistribution to employees is planned.

Towards a second day of mobilization ?

The dialogue of the deaf with management seems to continue. Following the mobilization of June 2, if the management received the delegation, it was with proposals well below the initial demands. We were offered the introduction of restaurant tickets for teleworking days, a measure which limits the number of beneficiary employees. Management also mentioned a bonus of 750 euros gross for each employee, paid in one goindicates the militant for whom these proposals are ridiculous vis-a-vis the fall of the purchasing power of the employees.

Faced with this situation, the employees decided to organize a second general meeting on June 14, with the aim of deciding on a renewal of the movement.

Representative within the company after obtaining 12 % of the votes in the last professional elections, FO Mutex intends to bring the claim to a successful conclusion. We are mobilizing for a general wage increase, insists Fabien Roussel. The young union representative, who took up his duties last April, intends to continue his “ ant work to inform his colleagues of the union’s positions.

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