Without a license or insurance but with alcohol and cocaine… Sentenced to Montluçon (Allier) for a dozen offenses

A “course of public danger”. The words of the public prosecutor make the 41-year-old defendant shudder. But the father of the family does not dispute. He recognizes: “It’s nonsense what I did. I am ashamed. “Because in just over a month, the Montluçonnais has multiplied traffic violations. What is worth to him to be judged in immediate appearance this Tuesday, August 2.

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A series of traffic offenses in June and July

Three sets of facts are alleged against him. The first dates from June 9th. In the middle of the night, the defendant, driving with his lights off, was checked at the wheel of his car. He has no insurance and has been drinking. He has a blood alcohol level of 2.24 g. The response is immediate: his license is suspended and his car is immobilized.

It could have ended there. But on July 29, at the beginning of the afternoon, it was at the wheel of this same vehicle, still without insurance, and still alcoholic (1.5 g), that the defendant had a material accident.

And two days later, on July 31, the defendant is again implicated. Still at the wheel of the car supposed to be immobilized. Still under the influence of alcohol (1.84 g), without insurance and with his license suspended. But this time, having also consumed cocaine. The police were then alerted by his dangerous driving. The forty-year-old had notably failed to hit two cyclists, before riding in the opposite direction and half on the sidewalk.

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Personal difficulties and alcohol addiction

“Do you realize how dangerous you are? “Asks the president of the court. ” Yes I am sorry. But I have a malaise, a permanent anxiety. I was no longer thinking of anything, ”replies the defendant, referring to a recent separation and an accident at work that took him away from the job he had held for fourteen years.

“Whatever the personal difficulties, this does not excuse your irresponsible and dangerous behavior. »

the prosecutor

Two years’ imprisonment, one of which is probationary suspended for two years, accompanied by a warrant of committal, the cancellation of his driving license and the prohibition to retake it before eighteen months, two fines of 100 euros as well as the confiscation of his vehicle, were requested.

A “descent into hell”

“My client never went to jail. He is currently going through a descent into hell. We need a criminal response but treatment for his alcohol addiction would help him more than the prison system, ”argues Me Salas.

An argument that the court has partly heard. The defendant was sentenced to eighteen months’ imprisonment, twelve of which were probationary suspended for two years with, in particular, the obligation to take treatment. The court followed the prosecution’s requisitions for the rest. At the end of the hearing, the 40-year-old was immediately imprisoned.

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Laura Morel


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